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If you feel like you have trouble going for your goals and dreams (which a lot of you responded ‘yes’ to my poll on Instagram stories), keep reading.
If you’re afraid of going for your dreams, it’s okay. I feel you. I need courage too. Actually, I think we all do no matter what our level of success is or what our career titles are.
It’s why this blog, more specifically, this brand, was born nearly two years ago. I needed courage to overcome on caring too much about what others thought of me and my writing.
I wanted to share my passion(s) and help people by adding value to their lives using my gift of words. However, I doubted my abilities and began to care too much of what others thought of me. Yet, in the past, I have received anonymous emails from people thanking me for certain posts I had written and how it helped them. Over time, I slowly (like molasses-slowly), realized that I wasn’t blogging for me, but for others. I learned if I could help one person, it was worth working through my fear.
And it was during Summer 2016 that I decided to take my gift of writing and blogging very seriously.
However, I couldn’t rebrand from my old blog, With Faith & Happiness, without knowing the vision of the next mysterious yet exciting chapter of my life.
I didn’t want to have to rebrand again in the future so I decided to take my time to search for a name that meant something to me.
Looking at other blogs and their branding, I didn’t want a “noun & noun” aspect, but rather a phrase that conveyed ACTION. 
I wanted to inspire, encourage and empower others through a fiery name. I wanted a memorable blog (and potential future business) name that others could think of during their struggles.
So I prayed about it. I also Googled ‘how to find a blog name’ and even used word generators to help me. Nearly a week went by and you guessed it.
One day, I was browsing Pinterest and saw a quote, “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.” Hmm, interesting, but nope. Too girly for women like me. Then about a week later, I saw one of my friends post on their Facebook page, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” Again, there’s just something about the word ‘sparkle’ that I didn’t like.
But these quotes did get the wheels turning.

Overall, I wanted a name that represented courage, fierceness and hard work, but alas, nothing.

Then about a week later, during my lunch break at my day job, I was praying and flipping through the Bible. I kept searching while keeping the quotes I had seen in mind. And there it was: Proverbs 31. More specifically, it was verse ten through the end of the chapter that got my attention.
That’s it! I love the characteristics of this Proverbs 31 woman. The name needs to be something about gems, but not rubies though.
Then I thought about it: “Well, what gem is probably sought after more than rubies?”
And that’s when it all came together.

What name could I come up with that was a call-to-action that also represented heart, hustle and hard work?

She Sweats Diamonds

And to be sure, I researched some more.

Turns out, the beginning stages of diamonds aren’t pretty. Before carbon becomes diamonds, they’re dark, jagged and very rough looking. And for diamonds to become the beautiful gems they are, carbon has to constantly endure pressure from heat.


That’s when I thought about us, as humans and our journey in life. It’s pretty much a prerequisite to go through hardship to become a stronger version of ourselves. And that’s definitely what the journey of life is all about.

And that’s when it all became much clearer. 

In human terms, we have to know that the downs of life will come. But the key is to be prepared. How? We face our obstacles head on, stay focused (clarity) and work hard to get through them (cut). And to overcome our struggles, we must not succumb to the pressures that we face.

When we feel that the pressure gets too much to bear, we must know in our hearts that the outcome is us becoming a better and stronger (color) person. And to add that cherry on top, who we become in the process in itself is worth the struggle.

Now, we’re getting there!

The more I looked into the properties of a diamond, the more symbolic it became to me. Every diamond you sweat represents different parts of your life. And every facet that you cut in each diamond represents every obstacle or goal you’ve worked on to overcome or achieve in that area of your life.

Because of our experiences, no one diamond is the same. Our mindset and the way we handle our struggles and trials calls for a different cut. The best part is that we can sweat whatever shape diamonds we want to sweat as long as we work hard and push through.

From taking care of our bodies (and minds) to learning a new skill to building and growing a brand or business, it’s all about becoming a better version of ourselves.

The diamonds we become is a symbol of us stepping into who we are with confidence. 

Let’s make that a Tweet, shall we?

The diamonds we become is a symbol of us stepping into who we are with confidence. Share on X

And like how a diamond shines, it’s our job to work hard to shape our diamond and in turn, reflect our light (wisdom from our experiences) back onto others.

Life is about living it fully with heart, hustle and hard work. Our successes makes all the hard work worth it when we share our journey.

We don’t go through hardships for no reason.

We experience struggles to become a better version of ourselves so we can turn around and use our story to inspire and help others.

Let’s make that a Tweet too.

We experience struggles to become a better version of ourselves so we can turn around and use our story to inspire and help others. Share on X

And that’s what I wanted with my brand name.

I wanted the purpose of She Sweats Diamonds to be a place where people can walk away feeling worthy of their goals and dreams. I wanted others to be inspired, to keep hustling and feel encouraged to intentionally fail forward.

If you think about it, intentional living is THE most fulfilling and humbling way to live.

In each of us, there’s already a fire burning. Whether it’s roaring or flickering, I can only hope to help add fuel and fan the blaze by telling you my story.

I believe life is all about sweating diamonds when it comes to working hard on anything that matters to each of us personally.

The bigger the fire, the brighter the diamond. Share on X

Am I right?

And that’s how I knew She Sweats Diamonds was “the one” when I rebranded!

When I look back on the name I chose, I am so proud to have been patient with the whole process. The research, the waiting, the signs that it was “it” and the deeply-rooted meaning behind something that means so much to me was totally worth the wait.

And if you’re new here, welcome to She Sweats Diamonds! If you’re looking to be inspired, encouraged and empowered, this small corner of the interwebs is it. Know that SSD is a place that encourages you to be genuine and vulnerable while living a high performance lifestyle.

Life really is amazing and can definitely have its downs. And if you’ve been through hardships, I’m so happy you’re here!

I want to encourage you and tell you that no matter what has happened to you in the past, you have the ability to change your future!

And if you’re currently going through some trials, remember this:

Don’t succumb to the pressures of life, sweat diamonds from it!

I hope my story of how I founded She Sweats Diamonds inspires you to keep pushing (and go for your goals and dreams)!