Learning Through Experiences

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” —Proverbs 16:9

Today, February 22, 2022 or as my favorite way to write dates, 2.22.22, only comes once in a lifetime.

Even after getting my website fixed (thanks, Keren!), I haven’t been writing on here much. Aside from being busy at my day job, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, more so thinking about the future.

As much as I want to plan every area of my life, I’ve learned to be more patient with the entire process. And that leads me to today’s topic: learning through experiences.

Learning Through Experiences - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - 2-22-2022 - bird formation

Despite losing one of the most important people who shaped my life around this time last year, the month of February has been so special to me this year.

I’ve been diving into and studying God’s word lately.

And I feel like He has told me 2022 is going to be a year full of miracles.

One of my best friends and I talked about miracles the other day. We were discussing how’d we respond to miracles if we had lived during Biblical times. We laughed and came to the conclusion that if we were there when Jesus fed the multitudes with five loaves of bread and two fish or turned water into wine, we’d believe it!

The more I think about it, the more I believe miracles are life lessons through experiences. Miracles teaches the importance of having faith in something before we witness or experience it happening. Miracles are also about being so happy about having the opportunity to have experienced such an event that we tell everyone about it long after it occurs. Having faith in a miracle and telling everyone about miracle afterwards is acknowledging the blessings we’ve been given.

We are all guilty of planning our future. Good types of planning includes weddings, surprise gatherings such as a birthday celebration, meal prepping, workouts, etc. The “bad” kind of planning include timeframes of when we’re supposed to do something. You know, the whole, you need to be married, have a stable job and a house by the age 30 thing? Yeah, that kind of bad planning.

That kind of planning often causes us to be disappointed. And often times, feel lost and confused.

What I’ve come to learn is that we will always struggle with society’s timeframe on everything. We will always feel that pressure on every area of our lives. However, when we really embrace life by learning through experiences, life is much more fun. Wherever we’re at on whatever timeline we’re on, we get to enjoy life if we learn to enjoy the journey.

For example, often times, we rush to get into a relationship in hopes to get married. Then we get engaged, but then don’t enjoy the engagement because we’re focused on the wedding planning. After awhile, we want to be done with the wedding planning because we want it to be over.

The greatest moments of our lives happens by learning through experiences. 

It’s like this photo. I knew I wanted to capture something special today to publish. And after many photos, I still hadn’t felt like I had found the right image to commemorate this day.

In one last attempt, I set up my phone on a tabletop tripod to take a photo and lo and behold, I managed to captured this clip of heaven on earth instead! I was so busy trying to capture the perfect image that I almost missed a perfect moment.

Nearly missing a moment like that has reminded me that a good life all about learning through experiences.

The thought of looking back on life when I’m old and realizing I never enjoyed the journey or the “building process” is scary. Why? Because then, it would mean I was rushing through life instead of living it.

How then is that intentional living?

You can watch the full moment I captured on my Instagram.