Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Watching I Love Lucy

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Leadership Lessons I've Learned Watching I Love Lucy | She Sweats Diamonds

With leadership on my mind lately, I couldn’t help, but see it everywhere. Yep, television included. It hit me about a year ago that the show I adore, I Love Lucy was full of life and leadership lessons we can all learn from. I had forgotten about it until recently so today, I wanted to share with you the leadership mindset that the character, Lucy Ricardo, had on the show. Even though these are lines/scenes from the show, we can all learn something from this funny redhead. Here we go!

  1. “I have more talent in my little finger than most people have in their whole body!” 

    The episode where Lucy has to tell the whole truth was so striking to me. When she stands in front of the fireplace and says, “I have more talent in my little finger than most people have in their whole body!” she said it with such conviction that you knew she believed in herself when no one else did, family and close friends included. If that isn’t the utmost confident thing to say about yourself, I don’t know what is!

  2. “You’re just being negative. I believe in positive thinking. You’re going to take Hollywood by storm!”

    There’s a scene in the kitchen where Ricky downplays his chances of getting into Hollywood after his screen test and Lucy dreams big time. She dreams big, has vision for their future, but also calls out Ricky and Ethel when they have no vision. I need this kind of friend in my life!

  3. Ethel: “Lucy, do you even know how to jitterbug?” Lucy: “No, but I will as soon as my instructor gets here.”

    When Lucy wanted to do something, she told the world then she figured it out. I love how when she doesn’t know how to do what she needs to do to get into an act, she finds someone to help teach her how to do it before an audition. She did the same for learning the Apache dance and for many other episodes!

  4. In the Million Dollar Idea episode, she makes homemade salad dressing with no experience on marketing/advertising, packaging and shipping.

    Perfectionism wasn’t her priority. It was important to her to get the work done. She didn’t care about being perfect and was okay with learning her mistakes along the way. You also see her mindset in “The Freezer” episode.

    Lucy follows through on her plans even when they don’t work out. I love that her character wasn’t afraid to make mistakes. Pretty sure Gary Vaynerchuck would agree with me on this leadership trait since he’s all about trying out everything in order to find the one thing you’re good at and love!

  5. She has fun and goes on adventures. 

    When Lucy decides to do something, she somehow makes it fun. Figuring out how to travel across the country to California was a hard decision to make, but she’s all about fun and adventures so much that it happens by default.

I can’t tell you how much I love, I Love Lucy. I watch a few episodes every night before I head to bed to wind down. Who knew that while I’m laughing that I also learned something new?!

What about you? What other leadership/life lessons have you learned when watching I Love Lucy? 

What other shows have you seen where the characters show great leadership skills?

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