How to Kill Your Dreams in Three Easy Steps

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How to Kill Your Dreams in Three Easy Steps | She Sweats Diamonds

On this Monday, I’m just going to be blunt and give you three easy steps on how to kill your very own dreams. Let’s not waste time and get straight to it because #MondayMotivation, am I right? Here we go:

Step 1: Don’t believe.

Don’t believe in yourself nor your talents and the gifts you’ve been given. Let the opinions of others seep into your mind and sit there. Listen to all the voices that tell you that you can’t do something. Including yours.

Step 2: Don’t have a vision.

Don’t imagine what it’s like to have an office on the beach. By all means don’t dream of being the one who calls the shots in your own life. Don’t dream what it’s like to be at your healthiest or what it’s like to spend lots of time with your loved ones. Just don’t dream. Don’t have desires and certainly, don’t wish.

Step 3: Don’t try.

Don’t take action. Seriously, don’t get up and get to the gym or the tennis courts. Don’t write that book. Don’t paint and of course, definitely don’t sell the art piece you didn’t create because you care too much about others’ opinions. Just sit there on your couch and continue watching reruns day in and day out because that’s what you were meant to do. Making up excuses and doing nothing.

Sounds easy, right?

It is! If you ever want to learn how to kill your dreams, just do these three steps and it’s a surefire way to kill it for good.

We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish, but have you ever thought why you aren’t living the life you deserve? Why aren’t things going your way?

Aside from situations that are outside of your control, you can improve your health. You can improve your wealth/finances. You can improve your job situation. You can create happiness in your life.

I gave you these steps to let you know that if you’re already doing them, YOU are the one who’s killing your dreams. If it hurts reading this, good! I’m not sorry because it’s the truth and maybe the truth will get you to get up on this Monday!

I hope that by the time you finish reading this (I’ll give you to the end of the day max) that you’ll make the decision to reverse your actions and do the exact opposite of these steps because you deserve to live life on your terms and for once, be truly happy.