Interior Inspiration: White & Neutral Christmas Decor

You know what’s NOT fun during the holidays? When the weather doesn’t match the season. The temps in Dallas lately has been in the high 60s, low 70s and as you read this, we are going to hit the low 80s today.

I mean, what the what?! It’s NOVEMBER, people! Why can’t Mother Nature get her act together?!

Anyway, I’m just the kind of person who likes to have the weather match the holiday. Who else is like this? I can’t be the only one, right?

Speaking of holidays, I thought I’d share some white/neutral Christmas inspiration if you’ve started to decorate or if trying to get ideas to decorate after Thanksgiving.Interior Inspiration: White & Neutral Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

If you love white and gold Christmas decor (definitely an elegant and classy combo), let Monika, the queen of neutrals, inspire you with her decor in recent years!

If you’re on Pinterest enough, I know you’d recognize this banister pretty easily because you guessed it, it belongs to the queen of white!

Interior Inspiration: Neutral & White Christmas |

I have followed Megan for some time now and I just adore her style, fashion and home-wise. This image of her old living room was from a couple a years ago and I’m pretty sure it’s inspiring me for this year’s decorating. I love the pine cones and pops of red with the berries she used!

She has since renovated and moved into her beautiful home with her hubby. I can’t wait until she starts sharing her holiday style this year!

Interior Inspiration: Neutral & White Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

Not going to lie, this rustic Christmas theme is taking up some space in my heart! How creative is that ladder hanging above the table?!

Interior Inspiration: Neutral & White Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

Interior Inspiration: Neutral & White Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

A classic and neutral Christmas look infused with red and greenery makes any room in your home feel extra festive. I love how the red just pops! That’s it. I’m in love with this white and neutral Christmas decor with pops of red that I’ll be looking to Nina and Cecilia for inspiration too!

Check out the rest of their fun Christmas decor!

Interior Inspiration: Neutral & White Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

Sometimes, I feel like a minimalist and if I was a 100% minimalist, this would SO be the neutral Christmas decor I’d go for! It’s so beautiful and elegant, isn’t it?!

If you love minimalism, you’re going to loveee Amy and her style!!


Several years ago, I bought cute little bears from TJ Maxx and over the last few Christmases, I’ve taken a liking to animal decor. If I were going for a full-blown animal theme, I think the styling of this bookcase is similar to what I’d do!

I hope this post has inspired you as you start decorating this weekend/next week or if it gives you ideas for next year, it’s still a win!

On a side note, I’m making my favorite chili recipe when I decorate sometime this week(end) and I’m SO excited! It really is the best chili on Earth!

Are y’all going to start your Christmas shopping this weekend? I’m going to go and check out decor to get some ideas and definitely have to pick up some red berry sprigs for decoration. I’ve also decided to start a gift closet and build it up throughout this next year for the following Christmas. It’s just easier for this last minute shopper, lol! I mean, I don’t ever plan to shop so late, it’s just that time flies by so fast!!!

What about you?

What’s your home holiday style?

Stay tuned because I’ll share some cute holiday decor with you next week! And if my apartment is all decorated, I’ll share some shots of it in the same post too!

Happy Friday!!!

Image via: 1 Monika Hibbs | 2 For All Things Lovely | 3 Liz Marie Blog | 4 Nina & Cecilia | 5 Homey Oh My | 6 Centsational Girl