Interior Inspiration: Modern Christmas Decor

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. —Calvin Coolidge

I’m so excited to be kicking off the holiday season with modern Christmas home decor inspiration for you!

Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit than shopping for and decorating for Christmas!

I started decorating this past weekend because I knew my day job was going to take up a lot of my time soon. And while I have the energy now, I thought I’d take advantage and get ahead of the decorating curve, ha!
Interior Inspiration - Modern Christmas Decor | She Sweats Diamonds - black, white, and gold Christmas decorations

In this article, I wanted to share a holiday decor inspiration board I created to give you some ideas if you’re looking to do a modern holiday theme.

As a bonus, I also give you tips on how to decorate a modern home for the Christmas season and where to buy modern Christmas decorations.

Let’s talk tips first!


Most of us turn to Pinterest for home decor inspiration and that’s great. However, take it a step further! When my favorite home decor brands like CB2, West Elm, and Z Gallerie sends me catalogues, I don’t just look at the products. I look at how the products are styled. Even if I don’t have any similar items, how items are stacked and positioned helps me figure out what looks good and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re subscribed to any of your favorite home brands by email or mail, take full advantage of what company visual teams have done to style and shoot product images for their company. Their goal is to get you to see these products in your own home. Even if you feel like you don’t have a clue on how to decorate, look closer! For example, West Elm has a Design Resources section where they show you inspiration on holiday mantel decor ideas that you can take inspiration from and make your own! Most brands have blogs on their websites that cover non-holiday-related interior decor (and trends) inspiration too!


When it comes to my home, I am not a fan of the modern farmhouse (Christmas) decor. Black and white modern Christmas decor? Yes! Modern Christmas decor with a minimalist touch? Yep. Target Christmas decor? Yes, please!

Yes, I’m ALL about modern holiday decorating! To decorate a modern home for the holiday season, go for metallics like gold and/or silver. Then layer in classic colors such as black and/or white. Then if you have a favorite color you want to infuse, sprinkle in a bit of it as the last layer. As long as you have one metallic and one classic color, any additional shade (sans neon colors, haha) you choose can add to the modern Christmas look you’re aiming to achieve!

Brass/gold is my absolute favorite to use every year. However, this year, I’m going all out with gold, silver, black, white, and clear!


You don’t have to purchase new decor to add holiday cheer to your home. If you’re looking to decorate more sustainably for the holidays, look at what you have and see how you can use things you already own in a different way.

For example, I purchased this affordable cloche before the pandemic hit and realized all the candles I own are not tall enough for it. So I just housed three of my favorite travel-sized candles in it, which looked pretty sad, haha! While decorating for Christmas, I took a step back to take a look at everything I had and an great idea came to me! I took my three small white ceramic Christmas trees I purchased from Target last year, put them in a cluster, and put the cloche over it! It looks simple and modern!

If you already have fairy lights and non-lit ceramic houses, why not thread your lights through several of them? I did that this year with my white ceramic village. I started with the houses in the back to hide the battery box!

Oh and just so you know, there’s nothing that black and white ribbon can’t fix to add more of a modern touch to your Christmas decor! To add to my modern Christmas decor style, I tied this black and white side-stitched ribbon to compliment my mini gold ring wreaths and they look amazing in my kitchen!

If you have birch or branches of any kind, just wrap your fairy lights around them. Then prop them up in (a vase) and put them in the corner of a room that normally doesn’t get a lot of light. Ta-da! You just decorated and solved a lighting issue, haha!


If you have a modern home, choose modern-shaped items in classic colors like the black and brass vases on the inspiration board above or go for classic items that look a bit more minimal like this set of three nutcrackers.

Whatever you end up choosing, if you want to go for a modern Christmas theme, don’t forget that you can add dimension with items made of materials like clear glass, acrylic, marble, brass, velvet, and silk!

To end this article, I wanted to share where I buy (and look for) modern Christmas decor: CB2, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Z Gallerie, At Home, Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma Home, Luxe Deco, MoMA Design Store, Restoration Hardware, and of course, Amazon and Target.

As my style becomes refined over the years, I’ve found myself loving modern Christmas decor in particular. I hope that if you’re looking for modern Christmas decor ideas yourself or if your interior style is similar to mine that you’ve found some inspiration with this article!

That said, stay tuned because I might be sharing some snippets of my living room all decked out!

Have you guys started decorating for Christmas yet? Do you plan on leaving up Christmas for a lot longer than usual? I know I am! After the year we’ve had, I’m SO excited that the holidays are here and I can make it last as long as I want!


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