Most people want to hear or tell a good story. But they don’t realize they can and should be the good story. That requires intentional living.
—John C. Maxwell

The older I get, the more I want to live a slower, more intentional, joyful and peace-filled life.

However, in today’s day and age, it is so difficult to slow down (with the exception of the last two years, of course).

Lately, I’ve been taking steps towards living like the “good ole days” where I’m completely fine going without social media and technology for long periods of time.

Sounds impossible, right?

Life Lately - Intentional Living - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo - Dallas blogger - Asian blogger poses in downtown Dallas

It’s not.

In today’s article, I wanted to share some real talk by chatting about ways on how you can pursue intentional living while going for your goals and also catch you up on my life lately.


When it comes to health and wellness, I feel like people do two things that hinder themselves from making progress. The first is over-complicating or over-thinking things and the second is being too hard on oneself.

The easiest ways to be intentional about your health is:

  1. Learn and keep learning. Sure, there’s a lot of information out there, but how do you think someone becomes an expert? By learning and putting that knowledge into action!
  2. Just start. It doesn’t matter what health or fitness level you’re at, just begin! Who cares if you can’t run a 5K?! If you hate running, then don’t! At the end of the day, no one really cares what you’re doing except for you.
  3. Give yourself grace. Several years ago, I’d be so upset at myself if I had to start over at the gym. All that progress, lost! This time around? Eh! If I can do exercise sets with 10lb weights sets instead of 25lbs, so be it because I get to work out!

Life lately: Even working from home, I find myself not getting up and taking needed breaks as much as I should. Taking my daily afternoon sunshine walks is getting harder as the summer temps have arrived. However, after a two year hiatus, I’m back at the gym! You win some, you lose some! I’ve also been consistent with my vitamins, liquid collagen and phytos intake (use any of these links and get a $10 discount)! Some things I need to improve on? Being more intentional with my sleep and up my water intake (again).


Not going to lie. I am loving the positive side of the Great Resignation! Many people are realizing that employers are treating them like crap (and paying like crap) and they’re leaving because well, life is too short to be mistreated. Always bet on yourself because the odds of you winning are higher.

I’ve said this for many years: If you’re an employer, you better treat your people well. Otherwise, they’ll leave you, build their own company and become your competition. ::insert dramatic music::

The easiest way to be intentional about your career is to reframe your thinking. 

If you have a day job, your business(es) is NOT what you’re doing on the side.

It’s time you see your day job as something you’re doing on the side and your brand/empire as your career!

Yep, I said what I said!

Life lately: Once I switched my way of thinking, I reignited my passion and started doing more of what I love. It’s not all out there yet, but it’s coming!

I’ve also been practicing more product photography and I must say, even with an iPhone, I’m getting really good at it! I’m hoping to share a gallery of my work here on the website soon considering how much I dislike Instagram at the moment. I mean, who wants to feel like an animal performing tricks at the Instagram circus just for your work to be seen by a small percentage of YOUR audience who chose to hit that follow button? Don’t get me on this soapbox because I’ll probably never step off of it!


Many people are all about that jet set luxury lifestyle. While there is nothing wrong with that, for me, I want a nice combination of luxury and lifestyle. Paraphrasing something fellow blogger, Megan Runion once said that I’ll never forget, “There’s nothing wrong with loving Chanel and chickens.”

The easiest way to be intentional about your lifestyle is to not care what others think.

If you want to garden, but want to own a Hermès bag as well, go ahead! Buy the bag! Lydia Millen is living proof you can be this type of person! And hey, if you decide Hermès is no longer for you, you can definitely sell your bag as it’s a ROI type handbag anyway!

If you want to begin a homestead, but love modern style homes, why should you fit into the Joanna Gaines farmhouse style? Be the first homesteader with a modern home! I know I will be doing this for sure!

And who says you have to be a farmer, come from a family of farmers or know everything there is to know about homesteading? You can be an entrepreneur while growing your knowledge about homesteading! Madison Vining is a blogger and entrepreneur and she’s doing the learn-as-you-go thing!

That’s just what intentional living is: living intentionally, on your terms!

Life lately: While this is a blog focused on luxury topics, I’m finding that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to build a very modern home (with a curated luxury closet, of course) on a large piece of land. The added bonus? Flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens everywhere with dogs, chickens, cows, and ducks running around the property!

That said, I’ve begun my homesteading journey (baby steps though)! I’ve purchased a few bread cookbooks, a butter churner, and added to my long gardening wishlist. And I cannot wait to update you after I play with my new toys!


I hope these tips help you get going on areas you want to experience intentionally all while accomplishing a “work/life” balance. For me, I honestly wish someone had told me sooner that it’s possible to love gardening/homesteading and fashion at the same time.

I guess I let society get to me so much that I believed such a category couldn’t exist. Well, not anymore. You’re going to see more of what I love and I don’t care if I don’t fit in a typical lifestyle niche or a fashion box!

I’m going to live intentionally!

If there’s a sure fire way to force you to grow faster, it’s going through life obstacles relay race style.

Externally, these last several years have been incredibly challenging and rough. Internally, I have evolved and grown more and faster than I ever have and in the best ways possible.

I believe in myself more. I know what I want more. And the more I spend time with God, the more I believe Him and what He says is possible!

How are you approaching intentional living?


Huong By Huong
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