I’m Not Just a Blogger.

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I’m Not Just a Blogger | She Sweats Diamonds - Zara woven dress - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody - Sustainable Fashion Blogger

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen. —Brene Brown

Lately, I’ve been reading how people wish that the “blogging bubble would burst” and it makes me so sad. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why. The fake personalities and friendships are annoying. The constant shilling to keep up with the Joneses is overwhelming. Don’t get me started on lying about things that don’t seem to make sense and sharing content that isn’t realistic or authentic just to make a buck. And not to mention, the annoyance that the majority of bloggers talk, act, and look like one another.

To be honest, I absolutely detest being generalized into this group. 

And this leads me to today’s article. I feel like I need to be honest yet defend myself at the same time.

I don’t like being generalized one bit. The truth is, I’m starting to hate the title, ‘blogger’ and it’s to a point where I took it off my email signatures. I prefer to call myself a ‘digital content creator’ or a value creator.

To me, life is more than just clothes and makeup so when I create content, I want to make sure people who come across my platforms are inspired, but more importantly, take away something valuable.

However, if you were to label me, I AM a blogger. I’ve been a blogger since my college years. And if we’re going to talk about how long I’ve been doing it, Xanga should tell you how long I’ve been writing online.

Being a blogger in today’s landscape is drastically different than it was just seven years ago.

I’m Not Just a Blogger | She Sweats Diamonds - Zara woven dress - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody - Dallas Fashion Blogger

I’m Not Just a Blogger | She Sweats Diamonds - Zara woven dress - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody - woman wearing black and white dress

And if you’ve been around long enough, you know that my biggest regret is not sticking with it.

Honestly, if I had, I have no doubt I’d be one of the OGs.

Even though I’m considered a micro-influencer today, I feel that I must say something.

I’m not just a blogger.

I’m more than that.

The honest truth is, I’m very much a content creator. A storyteller, if you will. I love finding ways to tell stories when it comes to a brand collaboration or campaigns. And I’m telling you this because I’m an influencer who hates it when bloggers take unrealistic images.

Like no, I’m not going to sit on the bathroom counter to sell you some shampoo. And if I’m going to take unrealistic images, it’s going to be in an editorial style so you know about my creative intentions right off the bat.

I’m also an advocate of our environment. To me, the more I follow people like Paul Nicklen and see posts like this sweet polar bear, the more I want to do my part.

I’m not just a blogger.

I’m a passionate storyteller who wants to use her platform to raise awareness about topics like sustainable living, self-identity, emotional intelligence, and positivity. These are the topics I live, breathe, and nerd out on. And they are the reason why I’m truly here and why I love to write/blog.

However, part of me feels like brands don’t see this side of me. Most of my experiences has been brands focusing on Instagram, a platform I cannot control and used to love using. And because of Instagram’s focus to make money rather than allow their users to make connections, buying followers, likes, and bots catapulted some influencers to the top.

And since these influencers took this shortcut, they have no idea how to negotiate and show brands that they are professionals. So the outcome results in brands taking advantage of new(er) bloggers who don’t know their worth and the value of their work.

So what does the ripple effect look like?

It bleeds down to people like me. Those who don’t have thousands of followers, yet who are genuine and intentional about the way they want to run their business and work with brands professionally.

As for me?

I’d rather not cheat.

Have I been tempted? Absolutely. However, my integrity has always outweighed any shortcut that would bring me the big bucks.

And if you know me, I’d rather work my tail off to achieve success instead of having it served to me on a golden platter.

I’m Not Just a Blogger | She Sweats Diamonds - Zara woven dress - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody - Dallas Fashion Blog

And I want to do it straight from my heart. This is why I love fellow blogger, Megan Runion. One of her latest posts spoke volumes to how I felt about the current state of the blogging / influencer industry.

I need you to know that I only write about things I care about and love. The only sales you’ll hear from me are from retailers and brands I love to shop, but even then, I still want to make sure you get value from each of my posts.

I’m Not Just a Blogger | She Sweats Diamonds - Zara woven dress - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody

My epic failures as a fashion blogger has given me the courage to be a better leader and person.

I’m not just a blogger.

Who I am is someone who’s a source of fire, support, and inspiration I needed a long time ago. And I intend on being this very source for you.


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