How to Wear the Tie-Dye Trend Sophisticatedly

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Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. —Oscar de la Renta

Over time, I’ve learned that I’m not one to follow fashion trends.

When it comes to my personal style, I tend to lean towards timeless pieces and outfits. To me, neutral colors and classic cuts are a better investment and fit my personal style best.

For me, it’s all about investing in high-quality pieces where cost divided per wear is the focus.

I love knowing that my money will go a long way because I’m able to mix and match everything when styling outfits.

That said, I wanted to talk about a specific trend we’ve been seeing a lot of this spring that I know will extend into the summer season: the tie-dye trend.

If you’re wondering how to wear tie-dye without looking tacky, keep reading.

How to Wear the Tie-Dye Trend Sophisticatedly - She Sweats Diamonds - tie-dye outfit inspiration

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing gorgeous tie-dye pieces as well as ways on how you can wear this print without it wearing you. Let’s dive in!


When it comes to a bright colors and loud prints such as tie-dye, go for classic cuts. As you can see above, the tie-dye print doesn’t look bad on the classic strappy sandal, sheath dress, flowy peasant top or the slip dress because those are timeless cuts.


When it comes to wearing tie-dye without looking like you came from the 1960s, opt for muted colors like light pinks, blues, and oranges on a neutral back drop like cream or white. Dive in with neutrals like black and brown while you’re at it too! Doesn’t that sheath dress and maxi dress look great? Not intimidating at all, are they?


Some tie-dye prints are done so well that they look like other prints like the pink and black striped mini dress or the “leopard print” dress on the bottom right corner. Some tie-dye prints end up looking like floral or watercolor prints and to me, it looks so pretty!


If you want to “dip your toes” into the tie-dye trend, the best way to do it is subtly. For example, you can wear a timeless little black dress (LBD) and pair it with tie-dye strappy sandals like the ones I shared above. Or you can choose a muted yellow summer dress and add a fun tie-dye feather bag like the one above to top off your outfit.


Depending on your personal fashion sense, style your tie-dye outfit with feminine or edgy accessories. For instance, I’d wear the “leopard print” tie-dye dress in the bottom right corner with sleek black strappy heels. As for the black tie-dye maxi skirt, I’d pair that with a white tee and a statement necklace. I’d also toughen up the pink and orange tie-dye slip dress with a biker jacket, sleeves pushed up, and add a feminine touch with some black strappy sandals. For the tie-dye peasant blouse, I’d pair it with black skinny jeans, loosely tucked and add pointy-toed pumps. Get the idea now?

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you enjoyed today’s article! Remember, the key is to not let tie-dye wear you. You can embrace the tie-dye trend and still look sophisticated. It just depends on the items you choose and how you style your outfit.

And if you’re interested, as a nerdy bonus, here’s an article you can read about the history of tie-dye.

Did you like the tie-dye trend before? If you hated it, how do you feel about it now after reading this article? Let me know in the comments!


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