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How to Shop Consignment | She Sweats Diamonds

I’ve shopped consignment within these last few years years and I must say, I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Not to toot my horn, but within my last couple of trips, I noticed that I’ve stepped up my game as a consignment shopper because my outfits keep getting better and better! Okay, it’s partly the pieces I find too, ha!

I always get compliments and questions when I wear my new consignment pieces! It’s funny because my friends would always say, “I love that top!” or “Where did you get that dress?” My answer is always the same, “From my favorite consignment store!”

I’ll be hosting an event with Clotheshorse Anonymous soon so today, I thought I’d share with you on how you can build a luxe wardrobe without breaking the bank by shopping consignment!

Purge your closet before you shop! 

I know. Cleaning your closet is the not-so-fun part. You know what is fun though? Making room for future items you will love! Before you start, make three piles: toss, donate and sell. Go through everything in your closet and be honest with yourself. Are you keeping items because you haven’t worn them and are waiting for an opportunity to do so? If it’s been six months or longer, it’s time to say goodbye. Is the item a “10” in your eyes? I mean, do you really love it? If not, put it on the donate or sell pile. If it’s ratty or worn out, but you really love it, make note of that item. That way, when you go out shopping, you know what to look for to replace your well-loved piece.

Think about quality versus quantity.

Fast fashion not only contributes to landfills and destroys the very planet we live on, it only provides a temporary satisfaction. Instead of spending $25 on a pair of jeans, invest in a pair that will last you for years to come. Think long-term over short-term when it comes to your wardrobe.

Take your time.

Shopping consignment can be hits or misses. There have been days where I walked out with nothing after being in the store for hours. Don’t ever feel like you have to leave a store with something. It’s better to take home something you love over something you like.

Look for unique pieces that cater to your style and wardrobe. 

Most people think “consignment shops are for old people” and let me tell you, they are wrong! Yes, there are vintage pieces, but there are also great clothes, shoes and accessories you can find from great brands/designers like Club Monaco, Milly, Trina Turk, Vince and Tory Burch to the high-end side of Louis Vuitton, CHANEL, Miu Miu and Burberry!

I’ve only shopped at Clothes Circuit (thanks to following Sam for awhile!) and Clotheshorse Anonymous within these last several years. Although these consignment shops are in the same city, take into consideration the demographics of the consigners. Yep. Each store will be different in terms of inventory based on the style of the consigners in that area. I’ve also learned that you will always find something unique or something you’ve been looking for, but finding pieces that fit your style depends on the location of the shop.

Also, why not purposefully take a style risk? You’re not breaking the bank so why not take risks when shopping consignment? Personally, I feel that the pieces I’ve found so far add so much uniqueness to my closet!

Try it before you buy it. 

A key to shopping consignment is to always, always, always take your time to try on your finds! Just because it doesn’t look good on the hanger doesn’t mean it won’t look good on your body and vice versa. And there has been many instances that I’ve been surprised at how a piece of clothing looks on me even though it looks amazing on the hanger!

The reason I also give you this advice is because every brand/designer is different in terms of style. For instance, I’ve found that my usual size 8 in shoes will not work for Christian Louboutin shoes; I would have to size up one whole size!

Feel free to take my advice in case you want to come to the event I’ll be hosting (details to come soon) or even want to shop consignment stores in your city! It’s okay to dream about your dream wardrobe, but why not build your dream wardrobe by shopping consignment?

Check out some of the great pieces I’ve found, tried on and/or have taken home with me below!

How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - Club Monaco ruffle sweater - Halston Heritage Skirt
Club Monaco Ruffle Sweater & Halston Heritage A-line Skirt
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - Carmen Marc Valvo embellished top - Halston Heritage Skirt
*Carmen Marc Valvo Top & *Halston Heritage A-line Skirt
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - olive green Balmain blazer
Balmain Blazer
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - James Perse dress
James Perse Wrap Dress (so soft and comfy!)
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - Fur Vest
Fur Vest (still regret not taking this one home) & *Ramy Brook Dress
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - red Trina Turk wrap coat
Red Trina Turk Wrap Coat
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - red sleeveless dress
Forgot the designer of this dress (oops)!
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - Sequin snake print dress
Sequin Snake Print Dress (was beautiful, but scratchy)
How to Shop Consignment - She Sweats Diamonds - sleeveless beaded dress
Beaded Sleeveless Dress

*c/o Clotheshorse Anonymous

Below are the outfits I’ve styled from pieces I’ve found at Clotheshorse Anonymous. Just click on the picture to go to that blog post!

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How do you feel about shopping at consignment stores?

Do you have any tips for me?

This post is not sponsored by Clotheshorse Anonymous or any other consignment stores. Just sharing my personal experience with you!