How to Inspire Yourself to Go For Your Dreams and Stay Motivated

How to Inspire Yourself to Go For Your Dreams and Stay Motivated | She Sweats Diamonds

Yesterday, when I shared the meaning behind She Sweats Diamonds, I touched on what this space is all about, especially for people who have a hard time going for their goals and dreams. Today, I wanted to elaborate on this topic and share with you a little bit of my story.

For the longest time (like six years long), I cared about what others thought of me. I cared so much to a point that I’d write a post, doubt myself, stop writing, write a post, doubt myself, stop writing. Let’s call it the negative cycle of self-doubt.

Rather than pushing down on the throttle and going for my dreams, I would go in circles like that. One day, I’d be at full speed, other days, I was in park mode watching others zip past me.

To this day, I regret each moment I let slip by where I didn’t do what I truly loved: sharing my passion(s) through writing.

Tony Robbins has said that happiness comes from growth and contribution. Well, for those six years, I was growing and contributing back to society. However, I wasn’t doing it with all my heart and soul.

And I think that’s where I royally messed up. 

I was listening to this great podcast episode from Take FL1GHT yesterday featuring my favorite male influencer, Ali Gordon and what he said was on point. “Make sure you’re passionate about what you do. You can’t let yourself believe you’re going to fail, but you have to accept that you will fail at times.”

I had the first part down. Words are my gift so I’m not only good at writing and speaking, I love it and am incredibly passionate about it. The latter half? Replace it with “you’re going to fail” with “that everyone’s opinion matters” and I still didn’t have that part down. Not even one bit.

The failure part was me was caring more about others’ opinions rather than focusing on who I could serve.

And if you feel like you’re having trouble going for your goals and dreams, today, I wanted to share with you how you can inspire yourself to go for it and how to stay on track and motivated.

How to Inspire Yourself to Go For Your Dreams

For me personally, what inspired me to go for my dreams is seeing other people go for similar dreams and making it. 

How do I say this nicely? 

We all have different levels of intelligence. Some more than others and definitely some less than others. Listen. There will always be someone who has more skill than you and someone who has less skills than you. People who barely do any work are making it. Trust me. They exist. So if you see people with less intellect compared to you make it in the same industry you want to work in, you have got to ask yourself, “Why not me?”

Following someone who has an aspirational life you want can be a great thing!

If you know how to separate your emotions, you can use someone else’s amazing life as fuel to keep working hard if their lifestyle is similar to the kind you want. It’s okay to watch others live the life you want, but stay grounded by being realistic. Be careful to not compare yourself to that person too. It’s true what they say. Comparison is the thief of joy. And jealousy looks good on no one.

Get excited about everything!

Yep. You heard me right. When you get a package or some snail mail, get excited about it! Once you put together and finish your vision board, get excited about it! When you learn to get excited about the little things, you will learn to be excited about the big things instead of blowing right past them.

How to Stay Motivated Once You’re on Track

Make it about others. Not you.

I focused too much on what others thought about me, my outfits and what I posted that I lost sight of the needs of who I wanted to help. When you make it about others, it’s not hard to get started and stay the course!

Help someone. Educate others. You’ll find that you feel most empowered and motivated when you’re helping someone else.

Reward yourself and schedule ‘play time’ – seriously.

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a new beauty product, an experience, a skill you want to learn, or even a break to watch a funny YouTube video, reward yourself when you hit milestones, no matter how big or little they are.

Take time to step away from your hustle too. Make full use of your calendar by scheduling events you will look forward to. Dinner with friends, weekend trips, Netflix marathons, hair/nail appointments, fun experiences like escape rooms, piano bars, etc. all count as play time. Taking time to give back to charities that are near to your heart count too.

You’ll find that you’ll be re-energized and ready to keep grinding! 

Enjoy the journey and have fun with it!

When it comes to the daily grind, have as much fun as you can with the process. The more you’re having fun, the more motivated and focused you’ll be!

Often times, we focus so much on the things we dread doing (for me, it’s admin work). The best way to combat this and focus on the fun part (aka what you love doing and are good at) is to delegate the work. Trust me, there’s someone out there who loves the admin stuff, ha!

And if you haven’t started yet, the first step to going for your dreams is taking that first step.

It can be a tiny step as long as you take any kind of action. Just don’t do nothing because you’ll end up experiencing the most painful feeling ever.

Going after your dreams is scary, but it’s also fun.

Any time you’re scared, just focus on the fun part. Next thing you know, going for your dreams isn’t as scary as you think because you’ve been busy having fun!

The cure to fear is taking action.  Share on X

How do you inspire yourself to go for your dreams?

And if you’re already living your dreams, what keeps you motivated?

Let me know in the comments! You never know if your answer can help someone else so share away!

I hope today’s post has helped you in some way.

Image credit: Nicole White