How to Become Limitless

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How to Become Limitless | She Sweats Diamonds

I’ll never forget what my friend Kevin said years ago, “Everybody has a better version of himself inside. It is also called a hidden potential that is limited only to your imagination. As long as you still breathe, you can still become who you want to be. Depriving yourself of that chance will only lead to regrets in the future so go out there and make things HAPPEN!”

He was right, but you know a question I’ve had that’s been nagging at me is:

We all have a great potential, so why are we suppressing the better side of ourselves?

You know, the side that could potentially change the world? Live with more energy and love?

What happened to the imagination we had when we were little where we dreamed and believed we could become anything we wanted to be?

Answer: It died somewhere between self-doubt, negative thoughts and beliefs and the opinions of others. 

Yeah. I said it.

So, why do we limit ourselves and put our lives in a teeny tiny box?

How do we become limitless?


We limit ourselves because either we need approval or don’t believe we’re worthy. I was lost about this for so long. I didn’t know what I was living for, why I was going to work (aside from paying the bills) or what my goals were. Once I realized that it was okay to put myself first, that’s when things started falling into place.

Are you depriving yourself from doing what you love? If so, why? What are you living for? Who are you living for? What are your goals in life? Who do you truly want to be if nothing (people, money, time, etc.) stopped you? Ask yourself these questions and the answers may just push you in the direction you need to take to discover your destiny in this world.

Love yourself enough to be aware of how you feel. When you’re aware of your emotions, you’re allowing yourself to be a priority and that is self-love.


We become limitless when we use our gifts. For a long time, I had been struggling with how to use the gifts God gave me. Actually, I didn’t know what my gifts were for awhile. A few summers ago, I received a message from a friend, “You are an inspiration. Everyday, I check what you post and take it to heart. Keep on keepin’ on my friend and know that you have touched this life with your words and unwavering positivity.”

Wow. I sat there stunned. That’s what I wanted all along. Not for me, but to give the glory to Jesus. I wanted to touch lives and leave people better than I found them. Many times have I received messages from both men and women telling me that although they never comment, they read my posts and said that my words have helped them with something in their lives. The thing is, I never knew that writing was considered a talent.

It wasn’t until my friends were asking me to write their resumes and edit or proofread their work that I realized that writing may not come easy to everyone like it does for me.

Today. I’ve obtained a degree in communication studies, am certified in emotional intelligence and write after my 9-6 and you know what? I couldn’t be happier! I get to write, speak, build relationships and learn how to understand and communicate better with those around me.


We live limitless lives by finding our personal freedom. I’ve been blogging for a long time now and in late 2012, God told me to go and open a self-hosted site. I did as He asked, but I kept praying and asking God in what direction should I take this blog because after all, I wanted it to be all for Him. Today, it’s evolved to She Sweats Diamonds and even though I have no clue where this blog will take me, I couldn’t be more happy and terrified at the same time.

All I know is that I’m here to love, inspire, encourage and show others who I am in the light of my Lord through writing. My personal sense of freedom is that I get to impact people and leave others better than I found them with my words. Heck, I may even start a YouTube channel.

Who knows, one day, I’ll have both time and financial freedom, but until I go all completely out with the time I’ve been given, I do feel a sense of personal freedom doing what I love in my free time. And that feels so good! 

Sisters-in-Christ, you have the Lord inside of you living in your heart. I’m begging you to stop keeping the talents He has given you to yourself. Share it with the world! Whatever your dreams are, go after them and do it with your whole heart. Don’t hold back because of fear.

You will not fail because failure is feedback. Jesus promises you won’t fail in Psalm 46:5.

Say it with me, “I am limitless! I am living a limitless life!” 

Remember, you become limitless when you get out of your own way.

How do you live a limitless life? Comment and let me know!

Fellow believers, if you ever need inspiration, look to the Lord. He knows you. He knows what you’re going through and He will never leave you. If you need reminders, open His word and spend some time with Him. He will give you love, peace and strength to keep going!

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