How I Got Myself Out of a Slump & Motivated Again

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How I Got Myself Out of a Slump & Motivated Again | She Sweats Diamonds

About three weeks ago, during one of our virtual coffee dates I talked about how I was feeling unmotivated. I was feeling down and out a week before that post went live. A week later and I found myself still in a rut.

Honestly, the entire month of March felt like an eternity. So many things happened so fast. And yet it all felt like it was in slow motion. You ever watch those action-packed movies where a guy is getting shot multiple times from far away and he’s “going down for the count” in superrr slow motion? Yeah, that was me.

One of my best friends was floored to see me in this state and the other was worried as she hasn’t seen me this way in over ten years. My other friends who were texting me to see if I was okay were worried too because I didn’t respond to any of their messages (which is very unlike me). However, I did it intentionally because I was really in a bad spot.

Now that I’m making a comeback, I wanted to share with you how I got myself out of a slump and motivated again:


Since I wasn’t sure if I was depressed or if it was the after affects of being sick with round two the flu, I was very well aware that I wasn’t my normal self. Even though I wasn’t in a good place, I acknowledged it to myself and out loud too. This helped me to realize what I was feeling at the time because in a sense, I was confused. I wasn’t sure where my negative feelings were coming from, but at least I knew something wasn’t right.

Baby Steps Mentality

Honestly, I didn’t take things one day at a time. I took things one moment at a time. When I was recovering from the flu, I couldn’t think of certain words and physically dropped a lot of things. Not only was I dropping objects, it was as if words were falling out of my head. At that point, I just focused on physically being able to walk to the kitchen or even the bathroom. While in my slump, I didn’t go to the gym, eat much, read my Bible, actively talk to friends, post on social media or blogged.

Conversations and Connections

Conversations with friends really helped. When I felt like I was ready (this is key here), I was brutally honest about where I was and left it at that. I admitted where I was at in life, that I was in a rut and wanted to get out of my slump. My friends were so supportive. Some just listened while others gave me advice. Overall, I knew I was being prayed and being watched over. During a time like this, it was a great feeling to know I’m loved.

Time and Grace

Speaking of, give yourself time and grace. Although I didn’t talk to anyone right away, I gave myself time and grace by making sure I was ready to open up first.

Loving yourself and giving yourself grace is hard, but I’ve learned that you’ll need it more than you think you do.

Slowly, but surely, I picked myself back up and am finally starting to feel like my normal, upbeat self again. I’m not 100% there yet, but I’m in a way better spot than I was before.

Inspirational Influence

Even though I was in a bad place, I continued to log on to Instagram and watch other people continue living their lives. For me, it was crazy inspiring to see people grow their businesses, hit milestones and spend time with their loved ones. Although I was feeling sad and unmotivated, watching people do their thing really helped me to keep hanging on. Obviously, everyone is different when it comes to this topic.

Being in a negative state is a terrible feeling and can take a physical and mental toll. Anyone can get stuck in a rut. Yes, even successful and inspirational people can have down moments.

Everyone has their days.

Just because they LOOK like they’ve got it together doesn’t mean that they’re not being put through the wringer either.

What do you do to get yourself out of a slump?

I hope this post has served you in some way. If you know anyone who is going through this right now, please forward this post to them. No one is alone in this.