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Our home is a way of expressing how we see ourselves. Within our walls we have the freedom to create, express, and reflect. —Natalie Walton

If there’s one thing that changes with me as I age, it’s my home decor style. Evolving naturally just brings me a sense of peace.

You know you’re honing in on your personal style. However, you also feel like there’s still so much to discover. It’s the good kind of limbo to be in because you know failure doesn’t exist.

Instead, you’re experimenting to see what works.

As I’ve been slowly putting together my new place, I’ve realized that my taste has drastically changed from my feminine pink and white years. I’ve also realized that I may prefer a townhome lifestyle versus apartment living, but more about that later.

For the last several years, I feel like I’ve naturally gravitated towards neutrals for nearly everything, makeup and fashion included.

Now, when it comes to home decor, I’m all about neutrals.

I also love some olive green here and there along with marble, wood, and brass accents. And of course, I happily welcome fall-themed florals for an extra punch of color.

Home Interiors- Personal Space | She Sweats Diamonds - Haven Namai candle - gold candle snuffer - brass wick trimmer - neutral nightstand decor
Exact brass candle snuffer, wick trimmer, candle, and table lamp

Today, I wanted to share where I’m headed in terms of home interiors and wanted to see what you think!


Before, I hardly shared home decor content and for two reasons. First, I felt like I didn’t even know what I liked. I didn’t want to waste money buying things I liked temporarily. Lesson learned with Forever21 years. And I didn’t want to repeat that again with home decor.

Going back to my secret Pinterest boards, my tastes have changed so much and just today, I deleted so many items I pinned that I no longer felt was me.

Secondly, my previous living situations weren’t the best. Both places I lived in didn’t have a lot of natural lighting. The layout of the home I was renting was also incredibly outdated. Let’s just say that even if the owners did a renovation, it wouldn’t have served you guys much. I felt like I couldn’t even take up close shots of corners of my home.

After a few years of following some amazing influencers and pinning like a mad woman, I think I finally have my personal taste nailed down which is so exciting!


My inspiration for home decor comes from everywhere. Bloggers’ homes, interior experts, and even shots of luxury homes of the wealthy give me something to work towards.

I love that I can take various interior styles/decor and use what works for me. For instance, the muse votive candle holder in the photo above is from a very quirky designer who loves bold colors and patterns.

To be honest, I don’t know what my interior style is when I look around my home. I love, love, loveee wainscoting for that classic, European touch. However, I love sleek lines and marble and brass accents for modern vibes.

Regardless, I’m so excited to reveal my home interiors style with you as I navigate this journey and discover new things!


For me, consuming home content makes me so happy! And psychically styling and decorating my own home brings me such a sense of peace. Reusing and shopping pieces in my own home has also pushed me to be more creative.

Just thinking about my holiday home decor purchases puts a smile on my face! And that leads me to my next question.

Do you guys like seeing home content? If so, what do you look for when you’re following home decor influencers? Look for less? Finding your own style? Inspiration for your own home? Specific pieces that’s on your wishlist?

I’d love to share with you more home-related content as I plan 2022 so feel free to let me know in the comments!


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