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“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.” —John Saladino

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A second article for the week? What is happening?! Kidding!

Now that I’ve finally had time to come up for air from my day job, I wanted to share a fun home article with you guys! I’ve been into home decor lately. And yet, at times, I feel so overwhelmed after seeing many renovations and home builds.

When I was in high school, I wanted to major in interior design until I realized all the math I had to study. One of the funniest memories about that was my dad asking if I could get a PhD in interior design, ha! What can I say? He wanted his kids to shoot for the stars!


Even though I decided not to major in interior design, I wanted to have fun with it at some point in my life. That did not happen during my young adult years. My college apartment was all hand-me-down furniture. Everything was mismatched. Also, I was into fashion more than home decor. I spent my money on clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry more than I did with furniture and decor for the apartment.

That said, now that I have more of an interest in home interiors and decor along with more patience with purchases and financial wisdom, I want to dabble in home interiors, especially apartment decor.


What made me want to do this? I haven’t found much content about decorating an apartment. I searched “apartment decor” on Pinterest a ton. And I couldn’t find what I was looking for when it came to my needs. I mean, I did come across apartment decor styles, furniture for small apartments, and some apartment patio decor ideas. However, I felt felt that would have been helpful with my own goals.

Nobody tells you about decorating an apartment like a home. And nobody tells you about decorating a tiny apartment. Not that I have a tiny apartment now, but that would’ve been helpful when I was living in a 600 square foot space. Ordinarily, you see staged apartment photos when you’re looking to move, but that’s it.

You see the typical apartment wall decor, apartment bathroom decor, apartment living room decor, and apartment kitchen decor. I’m over here thinking, “How can I decorate my apartment and make it look less like an apartment and feel more like a home where I’m here to stay?”

I realized that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I was going to create content to guide myself and help others before I eventually move on to a house.


It’s funny because considering there’s not a lot of modern apartment decor inspiration available. I have to look at the decor/vibes from actual homes. Don’t get me wrong. There are beautiful luxury apartments that are built from the beginning to have modern vibes. I’m talking about your typical apartment. Gold hardware, marble countertops, wainscoting, and white, grey, black paint, you know — considering the high rent prices you’re already paying, ha!

My goal is to pull inspiration from small corners from those who own homes and make it my own. I’m wayyy overdue for a home decor makeover. And it’s exactly what I did with this corner (see above photo) of my bedroom!


I feel like the decorating process will be slow. Not only due to supply chain issues (still – ugh), but because I want to take my time. I’ve come to terms that it’s the best way for me to shop (big-ticket items) so I won’t end up with buyers remorse.

I’ll be looking for apartment inspiration from several of my favorite home decor stores: CB2, Crate & Barrel, Home Goods, At Home (hit or misses with this one), West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, and Etsy. After doing that, I will be creating mood boards and sharing them with you. I also want to source from vintage stores and when I have time, estate sales, to see what I can find.

Speaking of, my latest mood board was about creating a modern, neutral living space. I do want to add the occasional touches of color at some point. It’s important to me that whatever choices I make in terms of furniture that it anchors each space well while keeping in mind that I will be using them in my future home.

For home accessories and decor, I want to be open and flexible as much as possible as there are many options available.


Modern apartment decor isn’t hard to find. It’s a matter of styling the pieces you find with what you have so it surpasses the mass-produced look. I mean, we want to make Phoebe proud, right? Brownie points if you understand my Friends reference, haha!

As time goes on, I’ll be sharing my small apartment decor finds, apartment decor must-haves, thoughts on decor on a budget, unique home decor pieces, and of course, apartment decor ideas.

Just note that most pieces I may not be able to link as they’ll most likely be one-off items (think of Home Goods finds), but you can be sure I’ll share pieces that are similar or very close to the same style.

So? What do you think of this new(ish) segment of the website? Do you like shopping for home decor? Do you live in an apartment/flat or a house?


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