I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. —Psalm 139:14

Have you ever looked back on old photos and videos of yourself and think, “I really miss this version of me.”?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this since this past Spring. And I’m talking more than missing my former fit and healthy body. It’s more so about the lifestyle I lived, the mindset I had, and the goals I wanted to achieve.

As I flipped through old social media posts of my content, I’ve also thought, “Where did this Huong go?” I have also truly wondered “When did this version of me fade away?” and “What happened to her? Is she gone for good?”

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Today, I want to talk about getting back to the old new me.

I’ve realized that the last two years have changed us all in so many ways. Most of us are struggling in some ways and yet, we’ve all grown positively in other ways.

Like everyone, I have my struggles. However, I’ve grown positively in many other ways in the last 730 days.

As much as I miss my old self, I’m more wise today than I was just two years ago. I have more discernment, can make smarter judgements, and value myself (and my family) above my job(s).

I’d say the most important way I’ve grown is understanding the importance of strengthening my faith and relationship with Christ. More on this in a bit.

Next, making my health a second priority in order to have strong family and friendship connections has been cemented into the new me as well.

And lastly, the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained on finances and business is insane. These topics used to be intimidating to me, but I realized that I enjoy learning about all there is on these subject matters.

That said, while I’m happy with how positively I’ve grown, I still miss the old me.

What I mean by that is, I miss the physically stronger me. I miss the consistent, post-every-single-day-to-encourage-others me.

I know my life goes in the direction of my thoughts, so I want to intentionally add a twist to the new me by welcoming back a part of the old me.

That said, I want to share my roadmap on the old new me:


To be transparent, I did not read my Bible every day. I also didn’t pray every day and when I did, it felt more like a checkbox than having a real conversation with Christ.

After my negative experience last fall (stay tuned for this), I immediately turned to Jesus and have worked hard to stay close to Him by reading His word, studying devotions, doing Bible plans, and reading books from Christian leaders.

I can say proudly that I don’t need the old me on this one. I want to invite her to meet the new me — a child of God who loves her Lord.


This one is a tough one for me. When I looked back at old photos and videos of me, I think, “Wow, you were physically strong, were confident, and most importantly, you had such a strong and positive mindset!”

It’s been rough coming back to the gym after a two-year hiatus, but when I tell you how joyful I am to be back at the gym, I truly mean it. Although the old me was fit without working out (I ate less and healthier), I want the new me to show the ropes to the old me. I want her to see how she used to look and feel because I know I can get my old health, mind, and body back — and even better.


I tear up thinking about this one. The old me used to not want to hang out with her family. She took care of them, but wanted to hang out with her friends instead. Maybe it was to take a break from being a caregiver and that’s understandable.

However, the positive side to the big pause two years ago was realizing just how fast time flies. The new me wants the old me to know that she forgives her. She understands that the old me was caught up in the hustle and missed out on important moments.

The new me also knows that I get to take care of my family. And the new me chooses her friends carefully. She also doesn’t mind having a tiny group of best friends and a small group close friends either because quality over quantity.


I can’t say I’m proud of the old me when it comes to this topic. I lived so carelessly with money. And just when I was learning about money and getting excited about taking action, I had none to practice with to become a better steward.

Realizing that debt makes me a slave to whoever I owe my debt to and that debt does not allow me to live a life of true freedom, I was done with the old me.

The new me doesn’t want this old me to come back. The only exception is to learn from the new me. Oh and to remind me of past mistakes so the new me can remember and not fall into old patterns. Nothing else.


For years, I’ve known the old saying, “Treat your business like a business and it’ll pay you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and it’ll cost you like a hobby.” However, I never took it seriously because I didn’t believe in myself.

Nothing like starting a new business with a super easy strategy to follow only to realize you’re still treating it like a hobby! Once I started paying close attention to my little actions, I realized I didn’t take my business(es) seriously to make a serious income.

The new me is going to try her hardest to be consistent, show up, and be a true professional as she builds her brand. She’s also going to get out of her comfort zone more in her personal life and build back up to being confident once again.

Time is running out and honestly, what is life if we can’t do what we truly love, right?

That said, I cannot wait to get back to the old new me!

I hope this article resonates with you if you’re struggling between your past and present self. Tell me, what are some things you miss about your old, past self?

What are some things you love about who you are today?


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