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Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. —Nate Berkus

With lots of extra time at home, means lots of extra time on Pinterest. Aside from saving pins in a mood board kind of way, I’ve been getting tons of inspiration for apartment interiors and for my future house (whenever that will be).

Lately, I’ve been looking at so many images to gather ideas to update my living space.

In the process, I’ve realized that I cannot wait to build my own home from the ground up one day. The idea of building a home instead of purchasing one makes me so excited!

Maybe it’s a mix of watching too much HGTV, seeing many mistakes other homeowners are making, and the Please Hate These Things Instagram account (which is hilarious!), but it makes me so excited to build my own place someday!

So, for today’s post, I wanted to share some household items to give you an insight on my style at home, what I’m thinking about purchasing, and the vibe I’m working towards!

For the Home - Modern Interior Inspiration | She Sweats Diamonds

Vitamix 7500 blender // I love to cook so this exact blender has been on my wishlist for years. Although I haven’t made this purchase yet, I’m a BIG believer in investing in practical items, especially if you’re going to use them every day.

Marble triangle peg solitaire // Who says your home can’t be stylish and fun? I purchased this table top game a year ago. And I love that it adds a chic element while inviting others to be playful when they come over.

Glass snack canisters // I’m extremely picky when it comes to my kitchen storage. And since I’m working on doing away with plastic in my home, I wanted to begin with glass containers. The shape of these make them so elegant versus the standard glass canisters you see in everyone’s home that look a bit clunky.

Black woven basket // As someone who doesn’t like the farmhouse style, but still wants to add a wicker-like texture, this black woven basket brings a modern touch while still being practical. I plan on purchasing two of these baskets and storing workout equipment in them!

Muse votive candle // I love this muse votive candle! Personally, I don’t like huge bust statues. However, I love how this votive candle gave that vibe in a small, yet tasteful way. You can put a votive candle in it as intended or store your daily jewelry in it like me!

French kitchen marble pastry slab // I’ve had this marble slab for years. It’s beautiful, very heavy, and super sturdy!

Raw marble table lamp // This lamp is on my wishlist not only because it’s black and white, but that it’s so unique! I love how it’s not perfect too. I’ve been thinking about whether or not to pull the trigger because I don’t know if it’ll be too small for my bedside. Since I have a king-size bed, I’m afraid it’s going to look too little on my nightstand. We’ll see!

Frame TV // The television of my dreams! I have always hated the look of giant televisions sticking wayyy out on walls. On my quest to add more of a sleek style to my living room, I was looking for a white-framed television. While looking for said white-framed television, I spoke to a specialist at Best Buy (whom I love by the way! They are SO helpful and extremely well-trained in their departments). He actually recommended me to do research, but to think about this television as it fits my needs and style. Of course, I LOVED it! The idea that a television can look like a piece of art when I’m not using it sold me!

Crystal wine glasses // Considering I only drink socially, but still have friends who like to drink, I thought I’d invest in some nice glasses for when they come over. Of course, these beauties are for me as well on nights I really need to unwind.

Brass & leather chair // My friend, Hoang-Kim, bought this style in the bar stools version for her brand new home and I thought they were beautiful! While I wasn’t sure of the barstool style, I saw this style in a chair and loved it. However, I’m still unsure since a leather sling is the only thing that cushions the steel frame.

It’s so exciting to finally feel that I’m finding my home decor style. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing future posts on my color scheme and the vibes I’m going for!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my modern interior inspiration today. This is truly my home decor style and I can’t wait to show you more soon!

Do you feel like you’ve honed in on your interior style at home? If so, what’s your home decor style?


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