Food is a common ground, a universal experience. —James Beard

If you know me at all, you know that I’m addicted to Instagram. I am always looking for amazing accounts for inspiration.

This week, for Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to share with you my favorite food accounts I’ve been following for awhile.

Could their beautifully curated food feeds be better than food pins from Pinterest?

Hmmm…you be the judge!


I just recently followed this gorgeous account mainly because of, well, deliciousness. Yep. I admitted it. Deliciousness. Tilda posts some pretty amazing vegan dishes that I’d love to make since I’m working on going vegan during the week and reserving the weekends for meat and cheat meals.

Foodie: My 5 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts | She Sweats Diamonds


If you’ve been following me awhile, you’d know how huge of a fan I am with Karen‘s and her feed! I don’t remember how I found her, but all I can say is, her colorful feed full of food and travels keeps me following her. Pretty sure people in the #fitfam community always say, “Eat your colors!” for a reason, right?

Foodie: My 5 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts | She Sweats Diamonds

I just discovered Nadia through Pinterest several years ago and when I saw her website, I knew it was love at first sight. Then her gorgeously styled Instagram feed sealed the deal for me.

You know you want to lick your iPhone or your computer screen when you see amazing food images? Yeah, well, this is what I call “Nom Nom photography” at its finest! I also have her cookbook that I can’t wait to make recipes from! 

Foodie - My 5 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts - She Sweats DIamonds - Huong Vo - Nadia Damaso


Hazel’s feed takes food art to a whole new level! I discovered her just a few weeks ago when I came across her smoothie bowl artwork. What did me in? Her Harry Potter series! How freaking cute are those bowls?

Foodie: My 5 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts | She Sweats Diamonds


You didn’t think I would hold back from sharing a high-glycemic IG did you?! Well, this Instagram account is great in so many ways. As someone who eats healthy, but also believes in moderation, this account is so funny, haha!

As someone who has taken photos holding up my food like this, I think FITA is a hilarious account showing our beautiful world. Yet it’s very telling on just how obsessed we are with snapping photos in the weirdest places like holding a donut in the ocean, haha!

Not going to lie, the food featured looks delicious, but I’m dying over the backgrounds. Grand Canyon? Snowy mountains? It’s all too good.

Foodie: My 5 Favorite Food Instagram Accounts | She Sweats Diamonds

I hope y’all enjoyed my food Instagram finds and my little “Plot twist!” at the end of this post today, haha!

If you want to see more of these kind of posts, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

Now, the big question is, which is your favorite food Instagram account from the list above?!

Do you have any food Instagram accounts you follow that you love?

I’d love to see who you think is worthy to follow!

Image source: Flourishing Health, Secret Squirrel Food, Nadia Damaso, Hazel ZakariyaFood in the Air




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