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If I didn’t love sleep as much as I really do, I’d be the type who’d wake up extra early and make an Instagram-worthy breakfast.

Hey, big breakfasts are what weekends are for if you love sleep, you know!

Anyway, I know quite a bit of people who just skip breakfast and consider bean water as their breakfast.

However, let me tell you, what you eat in the morning sets up how the rest of your day is going to pan out. Breakfast makes or breaks your day. See what I did there? Granola points for you if you did!

Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite granola brands I’ve been using and absolutely love.

Before I begin, I want to disclose that this post is not sponsored in any way. With bloggers shilling everything known to man, I know it’s hard to tell what a real viewpoint is and what’s not these days so I wanted to disclose this at the beginning of the post.

Let’s get started!

Foodie: 3 Granola Brands I Use and Love | She Sweats Diamonds


I came across this brand during a trip to Costco a few weeks ago and grabbed a big bag of it because ‘chocolate’ was on the label. What? You’re telling me you have more willpower than I do? Please.

Let me just say that I’ve been happy as a clam ever since! I fill half of my mason jar with Love Crunch and add about a third of Bob’s Red Mill muesli (more on this later). Then I shake it to mix it a little and soak it in unsweetened almond milk overnight.

I’m not going to lie. I see Heaven for a few minutes every morning since I’ve had it. I plan on soaking this granola alone in oat milk for my short drive to work in the morning for more of a crunch! I’m pretty sure I’ll hear angels sing when I try it this way.

Foodie: 3 Granola Brands I Use and Love | She Sweats Diamonds


I found Tay’s granola almost a year ago on a trip to Kroger. I bought a bag on a whim and when I opened it, I noticed a familiar blue label. She’s a supporter of Children’s Hunger Fund! CHF is an organization near and dear to my heart so knew I was going to keep supporting her brand! What I love most about this granola is that buying one bag sends a meal to a hungry child and that makes me feel great about my purchase!

I personally use the Power Berry flavor with Noosa yoghurt or Fage greek yogurt (like the picture above). For extra crunch, I add almond slices (you can get a big bag at Costco), chia seeds and add a drizzle of honey (this is the brand I use). Yum.

Foodie: 3 Granola Brands I Use and Love | She Sweats Diamonds


Okay, I haven’t used this brand’s granola yet, but I’m using their muesli and I love it! I first discovered muesli on a cruise with Royal Carribean years ago. I thought it was the most amazing sweet breakfast of all sweet breakfasts. This is coming from someone who almost always prefers salty over sweet!

I like to top my muesli with additional fruit and coconut flakes if I’m feel coconut-y. I’ll be trying his honey oat granola next and I also have a package of their gluten-free pancake mix I’m going to make!

The coolest part about this brand? On his 81st birthday, Bob surprised all of his employees by giving them total ownership of Bob’s Red Mill through Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). How awesome is that?!

Do you have any granola brands you use and love? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s wellness Wednesday post about granola brands I use and love! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!

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Note: Again, this post is not sponsored in any way. I was not gifted these products nor was I compensated or asked to review this product from any of these brands or any other (health) retailer. All opinions are solely my own. 


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