Five Things I Learned From Think & Grow Rich

Five Things I Learned From Think & Grow Rich | She Sweats Diamonds

Think & Grow Rich is a book that my successful friends kept recommending me to read.

I grew up reading everything. From Highlights (who remembers those?), Reader’s Digest and National Geographic, I read everything my dad put in front of me. As the years went on, I lost my love for reading during high school and college. I was doing a lot of “required reading” assignments so I didn’t have time for leisurely reading. The thought of reading just turned me off until three years ago.

To be a successful business owner/entrepreneur, you must grow. To grow, you must continue to learn.

I had Think & Grow Rich on repeat for about six months last year and I wanted to share with you five things I’ve learned:

  1. When successful people give you the name of a book that has changed their life, read it. Event after event, speaker after speaker, leader after leader kept saying, “Think & Grow Rich has changed my life. Read it.” Each successful person I learned from had this book in common so I picked up a hard copy and an audio version and got crackin’ right away.
  2. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think. I learned that the thoughts we produce has a major effect in our lives and it starts on a day-to-day basis. How our days pan out depends on the thoughts we begin feeding our minds with in the morning.
  3. Imagination is still relevant today. No doubt that imagination is a skill most of us lose as we grow older. Compared to adults, it’s not surprising that children have stronger confidence in turning their dreams/ideas into reality because of their imaginations. As crazy as it sounds, when coupled with desire and action, we truly can create anything we imagine.
  4. Your vibe really does attract your tribe and vice versa. Vibes are a big deal, even the negative ones. If you’re negative, you’ll attract negative people. If you’re positive and motivated, you’ll attract, you guessed it, positive and motivated people. Even if you’re a positive person, when you hang out negative people, their bad vibes will rub off on you too. Trust me.
  5. Repetition is necessary. Even though this book is a relatively short read, repetition and continued study of its content is a must. I’ve caught myself rewinding to a previous track because I missed a small detail just so I could understand the whole point.

I will be starting on a hard copy of Think & Grow Rich again this year as my intentions are to drastically change my life through the power of thought.

Success begins with mind(set). Every action you take or don’t take is a result of your thoughts. If you desire a successful life (whatever success means to you), I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Think & Grow Rich and a notebook to jot down all the key points and directions outlined within the book and start taking action. I know I will!