Father’s Day: Lessons From Daddy

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Father's Day: Lessons From Daddy | She Sweats Diamonds

To end this week, I wanted to talk about lessons my daddy taught me since Father’s Day is this weekend. No gift guides or anything. Just real talk.

For those who don’t know, I lost my daddy to lung cancer in 2008.

Today, I want to honor him for this Father’s Day by sharing with you his teachings:

  1. “I know it doesn’t make sense to do a lot of work for a piece of paper, but I don’t want you to work as hard and mommy and daddy. Work hard now and learn everything you can so you’ll have an easier life, okay?” – He always made sure to let me know the importance of education.
  2. The investment you make in your education is worth it. – Learning was his top priority for me. Everything from Highlights magazines, Wheel of Fortune, National Geographic magazines, Discovery channel, etc., I learned. A lot. 
  3. “Wearing pink doesn’t you any less of a man.” – He was NEVER afraid to have pink things or wear pink.
  4. Weddings are important. They are a celebration of the couple’s love for one another. – My daddy was the kind of guy who loved attending weddings. Growing up, I spent a lot of weekends at weddings. I’ve only been to a handful since his passing.
  5. Always make sure you look presentable. You never know who you’ll meet. – Ain’t that the truth! I never want to be caught dead in sweats and a tee (unless I’m going to/leaving the gym) because I never know who I’m going to meet. First impressions are everything according to my daddy.

Man, just talking about five things about him makes me miss him so much. Daddies are something special, y’all. If yours is still around, make sure to honor and spend time with them. I wish I could see my daddy for one more day and take him out for dinner so treat your daddies for me, okay?

How are you celebrating or honoring your dad on Father’s Day?

I dedicate this post in memory of my daddy and honor the dads, dadas, daddies, fathers who have gone on and dad figures around the world.