I don’t like trends. They tend to make everyone look the same. —Carolina Herrera

Let’s cut to the chase. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I was tired of seeing cookie cutter outfits.

I agree with Carolina Herrera. I don’t tend to follow trends. Back in the day, I read blogs because I wanted to see the various personal styles of others.

Now, I just feel like personal style is disappearing.

Today, I wanted to do a fun(ny) post on current trends I can’t stand that everyone else seems to be loving.

Image via Amy Jackson


I mean, how much is too much??? I know, I wore a one-shoulder dress in this week’s outfit post, but it’s a one shoulder dress. Not off-the-shoulder. I mean, if you’re wearing so many off-the-shoulders and then wear something normal like a tee, I’d be the kind who has to do a double take like, “Whattt? There are other kinds of clothing besides off-the-shoulder?!”

Trust me, there are other stylish tops besides off-the-shoulder cuts.


This bag wasn’t bad. At first. Until I saw them on every. Single. Blogger known to man. And you know what? I only saw one blogger who styled it in a way that made me hate this bag less. ONE. Shout out to you, Amy of Fashion Jackson!

For about $130-$280 a pop for what my best guy friend calls a “Noah’s Ark” bag, I haven’t seen anyone answer a universal question that’s been on my mind and probably on the minds of many, “What can you fit in these bags?”

And the ones that are bigger than your body? No. I’ll refrain from posting examples. You can google it. I believe in you.


When life gives you lemons, wear the print? What? Yeah. I’ve been seeing this pop up everywhere and to me, it looks ridiculous. Why this print? I mean, just because you drink lemonade during the hot summer months, doesn’t make it okay for you to wear the fruit just because it’s summer.

Just because lemons are yellow, this print doesn’t make your outfit any more summery. I mean, wearing all black and hot pink shoes is more summery to me.

For some girls, it looks cute (note, I said some), but let me tell you, if you’re in your late 20s and older, it’s time to put away the lemon, pineapple, and flamingo prints. Of anything.


Also known as the Chewbacca-like Gucci Princetown slippers. Yes, Gucci calls them slippers. You know, those comfy things you wear in the house that look better than these fugly furry things? Yeah. My question is, “Why? Why?!”

Another question, “Why would one pay $1000 minimum to wear such ugly footwear that looks like you stepped on a beloved pet’s shaved fur after a grooming session and forgot to wipe your feet?!”

I’ve seen them on “It Girl” bloggers and they still don’t look good. Is it possible that Crocs are better? This says a lot because I hate Crocs.

For fun, I took a poll on my personal Facebook and here are some fashion trends my friends hate:

Male rompers – For someone who owns two rompers and two jumpsuits, let me tell you, it’s easy to get dressed, but awkward when you’re going to the bathroom. Believe it or not, depending on how the guy styles them (with confidence!), this trend doesn’t bother me as much. I just think they’re shorter mechanic suits, ha!

Clip-on man buns — my friend Amée got my attention on the existence of these. Here’s a question: would they be called hair extensions for guys then?

Uggs during the summer — Liberty, I almost didn’t believe you. But then, I remembered my college years when I saw girls wear these with sweatshirts and shorts in the cold. I’ll never understand.

Clear clothing — The only clear clothing that’s acceptable is a raincoat and even then, who still wears them? Can you imagine sweating in clear clothing?! Ew.

Very high-waisted pants/shorts, crop tops, overly dramatic eyebrows — Just how high do high-waisted pants/shorts go?! No. Nevermind. I don’t want to know. Crop tops? I don’t know how I feel paying for shortened tops. I mean, I really think I can do it myself. With a dryer. Or a pair of scissors, lol!

Leggings as jeans — I’m sure the people of Walmart website made this a trend. Maybe. Don’t quote me on this.

Crocs — I don’t care how comfortable these are. No. Just no.

Socks and sandals — Didn’t dads of our day start this one? Makes me wonder if the person wearing this combo is making sure they’re covered in case it’s too hot or too cold or if they couldn’t find their shoes

Super short dresses — My rule is, if you have to tug or pull on your dress, it’s too short. However, if you’re having to hold it down on a windy day, that’s Mother Nature’s fault, not yours. Just sayin’.

The funny thing is, when I posted this fashion-related question, the overall winner was the man bun. Sorry, guys! Now, I have to know…


Please note that I’m a very lighthearted person so this post is meant to be fun and personally opinionated. If you like any of these trends, more power to you! I just implore that you don’t like these trends just because everyone else does. Dress confidently and just be you!