Fashion Blogger Language I Hate

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Fashion Blogger Language I Hate | She Sweats DiamondsAs I immerse myself deeper and deeper into the fashion blogging world, there are some things I’m noticing from bloggers. Not only do most of them shop at the same places (I mean they all almost dress alike), but almost every one of them is starting to sound same.

As someone who likes to, no, prefers to stand out and be different, I want to talk about something: fashion blogger language.

Yep. Let us chat about fashion blogger language that I hate and as readers, you probably hate too.

  1. “Pop of color”

    Is there really another way to say phrase this? Yes. Yes, there is. “A splash of color” is another way to phrase it. How about “a touch of color” or “to stand out, I added some color to my neutral outfit”? And no, if you’re already wearing a colorful outfit, this phrase sounds even dumber if you’re adding a brighter accessory just to say “pop of color,” I mean it.

  2. “Obsessed!” or “Ob-sessed!”

    As a fellow fashion blogger, I absolutely detest this word. No, you’re not obsessed with whatever item you just posted. If you’re really obsessed with said item, I better see it in the archives of your blog and Instagram account multiple times over within the last few years or within the next few years. That is obsessed. Wearing the item a few times and selling it on Poshmark is NOT. Trust me, readers can sniff out your lies.

  3. “It comes in ___ number of colors!”

    Instead of telling your readers it comes in x number of colors, why don’t you tell them what other colors in comes in?! I get it if it comes in 23 colors, but if it comes in 2-5 other colors, just tell me the colors. Make the extra effort!

  4. “_______ item is only $100!”

    Only. I laugh at this every time I see a blogger say, “This shirt is only $70!” Um, to some people, only $70 is their grocery budget. Only $70 is their electric bill. As a lover of all things luxury and designer, I know and understand this is not realistic for most of society. Not knocking any successful bloggers out there who are banking, but take it down a peg or two or five. Please know that the majority of the population isn’t going to buy a $70 top. Take out “only” from your vocabulary or post the top again when it goes on sale. Be realistic.

  5. “TGIF!”

    I’m not sorry to say this, but if you’re a full-time blogger, please try your hardest to be aware of what “TGIF!” means to other people who are stilling working hard to become full-time entrepreneurs. Many people still hold day jobs while they hustle on their side businesses. People who work 9-5’s (or 9-6 in my case) tend to feel pretty crummy when bloggers whose lives seem like trip after trip or vacation after vacation say, “TGIF!” Please understand that even though you’re working on your trips that there are people who would gladly take your place and appreciate the views and experiences you get to enjoy. These people will never utter “TGIF!” because they are aware that many people can’t live out their dreams…at least not yet.

    Look, I know there are a lot of hard working bloggers out there. However, if you post stories or snaps from your bed or house quite often, the impression that you’re a hard worker is not going to last. Just be aware of the impressions you give off.

  6. “I got a lot of questions…”

    How many bloggers do I follow who say this? I don’t understand. Just tell your readers, “For those of you who asked…” or “Since I know I’ll get questions on this dress, I’ve linked it below…” or how about, “Let me DM you.” should a reader ask you where you got your item from? Has the thought of being personal ever crossed your mind?

  7. “Slipped on/into…”

    No, you didn’t slip on/into your dress. That sounds just plain ridiculous. Just be normal and say, “put on” for goodness sake!

  8. “Swipe up!”

    I hate this phrase so much. You know where I hate seeing it? On Insta-stories where there are 3-5 or more snaps in a row that say, “Swipe up!” I know you’re trying to make a buck, but space it out between several stories, geez! It feels incredibly spammy. I had to say this because some bloggers out there are looking awfully money hungry. Why don’t you change it up and link your story to your post instead to drive traffic to your blog?

  9. “Go to my blog.”

    Speaking of, I hate this phrase as much as I hate “move the needle” I hear in corporate America. If you’re a blogger, please understand that your readers are your customers. They’re the ones who give you the time and financial freedom to buy what you want and travel where you want. If it weren’t for them, brands would not be working with you. SO…if they ask you a question, telling them to “go to my blog” instead of telling them the answer is outright rude. It’s your job to know the brand you’re wearing! Either tell them the name of the item, tag the brand you got it from so they can find it themselves or be personal by DMing them the link if you want to make a commission. I unfollow bloggers who tell their followers/readers to do this (yes, I watch bloggers interact with their followers). NOT professional at all.

    Exception to the rule: if you’re wearing a blush, eye or lip color that you don’t remember, you can then direct them to your blog, but also follow up with a personal DM with the name of the color and link. 

  10. “Ab”

    Sorry not sorry for this one. A huge part of blogging is grammar, editing, writing and proofreading. Please don’t try and make up words. ‘Fetch’ didn’t happen so “ab” isn’t going to happen. If you do this, you’re probably part of the reason why future generations can’t spell things correctly. SPELL. IT. OUT. It’s ‘about’ because I know you don’t use ‘ab’ in real life when speaking to someone, so be a professional! If you get paid like one, act like one!

As a teeny tiny blogger compared to the rest of the world, I feel like it’s important to stand out and do business right. What do you think of these phrases that fashion bloggers use? Are you guilty of any of them?

If you’re a blogger, what do you dislike when it comes to “fashion blogger language” as you’re trying to stand out in this industry?

Happy Friday Eve!

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