What is your style and where do you find inspiration?

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Most of the time, my style is edgy with feminine touches, but honestly, I base my outfits on who I feel like being in the moment. If I want to be extra girly, a floaty dress and wedges are my jam. If I want an edgy look, you bet there will be some black involved!

My choice in style varies depending on my mood  and who I want to channel at the moment.

I prefer classic clothing over trends and almost always gravitate towards neutrals. My inspiration really comes from everything and everyone I surround myself with.

One day, it can be my favorite bloggers or old photos of my mom’s outfits and the next, a piece of art I’ve came across. The possibilities of fashion is endless and that’s what I love about it. It’s ever-changing and that means that there will never be a box I have to stay in because my personal style will evolve as I age.


Huong By Huong

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