What do you do to stay healthy?

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I used to be in great shape until I was in a car accident years ago. It doesn’t look like it from my pictures, but I have ended up gaining a lot weight that I’ve been struggling to release.

Before 2020, I worked out at least three times a week. I did weighted HIIT circuits, ran, and practiced yoga as well. I plan to take some fun classes here and there to keep things from becoming too boring with one to two rest days a week. I’m seeing my chiropractor first to make sure I’m well-adjusted before I make my triumphant return to the gym this Spring!

In terms of food, I don’t have a set diet (ugh, I hate that D-word) in place. I’m very aware of what I eat (good and bad) and don’t deprive myself.

If you’re interested, I write updates about my health journey twice a year to help myself stay on track.


Huong By Huong

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