What advice do you have for new/aspiring bloggers?

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My top three pieces of advice for you is:

1) Start! If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life. You’ll never be ready anyway so why not give it a go? No regrets!

2) Don’t sell your soul for a paycheck. It’s okay to say no to a brand even when you have a small following. Stay true to yourself and your brand and you will succeed!

3) Talk about your passions and blog to inspire, serve, and add value to others. Think about who you are creating content for and go from there. If you’re chasing money, I’d rethink your reason(s) if I were you.

I’ve also written several blog posts about this topic if you need more help. From what you need to know before starting your blog to how to balance blogging with a full-time job to social media dos and don’ts!

You can comb through blogging resources I’ve found, leave a comment on any of my business tips posts or email me too!


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