“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

What I love most about fall is slowing down and soaking up each moment even more intentionally.

One particular moment I intentionally enjoy the most is my daily walks to take in God’s creations one more time before the year ends.

Trees fading into sunset colors while fallen leaves crunch beneath my feet is one of my favorite things to experience.

And as much as I love the summer sun, fall fashion and beauty, pumpkin spice everything, and comfort food are why truly love this cozy time of the year.

This week, I wanted to celebrate this new season and share a fall lifestyle mood board I put together.

Fall Lifestyle Mood Board | She Sweats Diamonds - Alabaster Co. The Gospels - brunette hair color - stripe sweater - ombre nude nails

One // This hairstyle and color is absolute perfection. Considering my hair is naturally wavy and that long, I might consider this look just to cover up my grey hair strands that are coming in…and with a vengeance.

Two // One thing I love to do is find new ways to photograph products, particularly, my favorite beauty brands like Chanel. I have more shots to share so I’ll be sharing them right here on my website.

Three // I’m usually a barely-there jewelry type of person…until I came across this beautiful diamond statement ring on Instagram. It solidified my decision to invest in classic and timeless jewelry pieces, but to also be open to timeless statement pieces too.

Four // I love flowers. I love peonies. My favorite color is white. And I love taking up close photos of my favorite flowers. Seeing this image brings me so much peace.

Five // This is another new product photograph of mine. This one is of a Chanel eye cream, a gift for my mom earlier this year.

Six // I am very into interiors and home decor right now so came across this candle centerpiece on Instagram. My heart stopped. I thought it was beautiful, simple and chic.

Seven // An activity I’m very much looking forward to very soon is getting a manicure. I had one scheduled when I came back from vacation in July, but got sick. I hadn’t had time to re-schedule, but you can bet I’ll have one just like this on or around my birthday!

Eight // This book from Off-White Palette of the Gospels is stunning! As you know, I’ve been reading my Bible, devotions, and Bible plans consistently for the last year so this book is definitely at the top of my list to purchase. To have THE word displayed on this beautiful acrylic book stand would be the cherry on top as it will also remind me to stay in His word.

Nine // This fall outfit look from Alyssa makes me ache to dress up in layers. Just a little while longer until the weather cooperates so I can live in cozy sweaters. And you know I have stripe sweaters on my radar this fall!

Even though I’ve fully embraced summer, I still look forward to fall. And I hope I’ve inspired you to look forward to this season to slow down as well! What do you love most about the fall season?

If you could create your own fall lifestyle mood board, what would be on it?

Image Credits: Hair by Mickk // My own image// Marie von Behrens-Felipe // My own image // My own image // Sandra Pedersen Medalen // Ashley Robertson // Nioby Trivett // Alyssa Lenore


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