Fall Intentions

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Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us. —Richie Norton

My favorite season is and will always be fall.

To me, when it comes to fashion and beauty, fall is about honoring neutral shades even more so and I’m here for it. However, let’s be real.

Underneath the surface, the fall season is more than that.

Fall is a time of reflection, transition, and change.

Today’s post was going to be Monday Motivation-related, but I thought I’d change it up a bit and just talk to you guys about fall intentions.

Fall outfit idea - women wearing white trousers and trench coat - Fall Intentions - She Sweats Diamonds
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In the past, I always lived my life by flying by the seat of my pants. And to be completely transparent, I lived this way until about six years ago. I had never written down goals, created a vision board, etc. I liked living for the next moment, being a bit spontaneous, and not knowing much about the future.

To the young me, the future was scary and thinking about it too much was even scarier.

As fun as that was, I’ve found that living without planning ahead gets you a bit lost in life.

And feeling and being lost is a lot scarier.

It wasn’t until six years ago that someone showed me that I can have what I want. If I plan it out, work hard, and believe that I deserve my dreams, I can have it all if I started living more purposefully. More on this later.

Since we’re in our last quarter of the year, I wanted to get personal and share my intentions for this fall season.


In a few weeks time, I will be hitting my two-year gym anniversary. It’s insane how much time has flown by! After much reflection on what I should focus on next on my health journey, I decided I’m going to hone in on food and sleep this season.

Not that I eat terribly, but one of my goals for the last 90 days of 2019 is to work on eating a lot better. For the last month or so, I’ve been on an elimination journey to figure out some health stuff. And boy, did I get the answers I needed! Next is trying to stay extremely focused on giving my body the foods it likes without completely depriving myself.

As for sleep, I’ve learned that the only way to get more sleep is to have everything planned out and automated. That includes learning to schedule when blog and social media posts will go live in addition to batching my work.

Let’s see how things go this season! Here are my thoughts after my one year gym anniversary if you’re interested in reading about it. I also recently shared some healthy habits to try. Check it out and choose one thing to do to start your own health journey. Don’t wait for 2020 as there’s nothing special about January 1st!


One thing I really want to get a head start on for 2020 is mapping out my financial journey. From paying off debt to saving for the future, I want to start the planning process before the new year begins. I figured planning now to execute later is better than going off on the deep end trying to do everything all at once.


As for personal intentions this fall, I’ve decided to get extremely organized and purge my life. And I’ve already started. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quiet on my Instagram for a few weeks and haven’t posted consistently here on the blog either. It’s because I’ve been in major purging mode. I’ve been able to recycle boxes, sell old clothes to give them new homes, and began organizing my closet. I’m nowhere near close to being done, but it just feels good to get started on a deep clean.

And as time goes along, I will be tidying the Marie Kondo way: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental items.

Next up, is organizing my Pinterest boards to better serve you. After that, my inboxes and folders from my email accounts will get a thorough purge.


A few weeks ago, I shared what you can expect from me for fall content. During these last few weeks, I’ve been stepping way outside of my comfort zone in terms of my personal style.

Evolving my brand and growing personally and professionally will always be my goal so expect to see a lot more of that with my upcoming content. And if you feel like my work is a bit out of place or depending on your perspective, all over the place (lol), excuse me. I’m just trying to get a foothold.

Like you, I’m trying to navigate this thing called ‘life’ and ‘business’ so feel free to stay on this messy ride!

No matter where I am in the world, I will always embrace and welcome the autumn season.

Fall is a time of transition and sometimes, a season of life that can truly change you. 

Whether you’re trying to slow down and be more present, hustling to grow your business to take it to the next level or working on stopping negative self-talk, your fall intentions are just that: intentional actions.

I truly hope that you take time and live your life intentionally this season!