Facet of Change: What’s Next for She Sweats Diamonds

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Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond. —John Mark Green

Coming up with the name for this blog took some time.

I wanted it to not only reflect who I am and what I wanted to stay rooted to, but for it to represent a community full of value that I wanted to cultivate and grow.

In a sense, I also wanted it to be a call-to-action and very memorable, a strong name if you will.

Today, SSD is just like a diamond, a multi-faceted blog where I write about faith, fashion, wellness, beauty, personal growth and leadership.Facet of Change: What’s Coming Next for She Sweats Diamonds | She Sweats Diamonds

Since my health hasn’t been amazing this year (I’ve slept 12-hours the last two Saturdays), it’s given me some time to think about the next facet of where I want to take She Sweats Diamonds in 2019. I mean, we are already over the halfway mark of 2018.


As I’ve mentioned before, the style part of SSD is still the most difficult for me as I’m still in the works of figuring out my style and what I love. From what I’m experiencing first-hand, I’m not a huge fan of trends. Really, I tried. And I wanted to love some trends out there, but I just couldn’t embrace most of them. It’s funny because I ask myself, “Does this make me look like a 30-something trying to look like a 20-something?” or “Is this really what a 30-something would wear?” when I’m browsing online for something new to add to my closet.

For me, what I’m finding is that until I hit my body goal (note, I didn’t say goal weight), I just don’t find tight clothes appealing to anymore. I’m still gravitating towards neutrals and classics more than ever and still lack a ton of classics/basics. Yes, even after my closet cleanout. However, what’s left of my closet after my purge are clothes that I absolutely love.

The next phase of She Sweats Diamonds is to work on purchasing quality items I love, even if it means 2-5 purchases a quarter. And an absolute must when funds are available after adulting priorities? Bags that can hold their value over the test of time. ::cough CHANEL ::cough::


Writing about my personal experiences and providing value for you guys has brought me so much joy. However, to be honest, I’ve avoided sharing a lot of images of me when it comes to posts aside from fashion. I’m not confident in how I look, especially up close. Battling milia for the last 5-10 years has been hard. However, I think I may have found topical solutions (more on that later) and what I need to adjust help my body internally to combat this.

Gaining weight from stress has also been very difficult. Truthfully, I haven’t been able to fit the clothes in my closet for over two years now. I don’t have a problem being a bit of a larger size, but I like my clothes more to work harder on releasing all of this unnecessary weight.

In terms of content, I’m still writing from my heart. Although some things may be changing here on She Sweats Diamonds.


I’ve enjoyed sharing my learning experiences with y’all regarding this topic. However, some subtopics may be scaled back as a whole. I’m thinking instead of a dedicated post with 3-5 monthly resources, I can include those resources with (life)style content. Transformation Thursdays as a series may not be coming back next year.


My personal health journey is the one topic I want to get better at sharing with you guys. It’s been hard not sharing images of me in my gym kit when I’m not proud of who I let myself become.

Perhaps once-a-week food logs made public here on the blog should help with what I’m eating. You know, what? I think I’ll do that considering I haven’t shared anything in my Foodie/Recipes subtopic. I also plan on sharing more of my faith here on SSD as it comes to me since I want my blog posts to feel natural and not too planned ahead.


In terms of lifestyle, I’ve been slacking in the product/service reviews and travel department. A lot. I want to get out more and try new things and share my experiences with you guys. So, a goal for She Sweats Diamonds is to share what you guys want to see in regards to lifestyle. (Beauty, health and travel PR teams, if you’re reading this and want to help a woman help you out, please feel free to reach out! I’d love to see if I can share your products/services to my readers! #ShamelessPlug)

Coffee Dates may also come to a halt as I intend on sharing more of who I am and life updates throughout each post with you guys.


For style and beauty, I intend on sharing more hauls with you guys. However, I want to be financially mindful and selective when it comes to the fashion part of it. Beauty? I’m up to try anything, ha!

Like I said earlier, I’m still working on finding my personal style. This includes how I not only compose my outfits, but the composition of my images so look for some #NewNew on that part!

For Home Decor, I’ll be sharing with you guys my journey as I explore my home decor style. It’s funny because in my head, I can see how a room or a bookshelf is styled, but in real life, it’s definitely not the case, ha! Stick with me on this topic if you dare!


For some reason, I’ve always had a problem talking to an inanimate object such as a video camera. It’s why I hardly FaceTime (Sarah, you’re the exception, lol!) too. However, I know that with blogging professionally, the speaking portion is going to come sooner or later. It’s my goal to create valuable content here on SSD, but to also create fun video content for you in 2019 while I work on how to interact with a camera.

I can’t say it’s going to be often because I want to keep up with blog as it’s the only platform I can control. However, I’m feeling pretty positive about speaking in front of a camera. Baby steps leads to big leaps which leads to dreams coming true, right? I firmly believe you that you never know who’s reading your content or watching your videos so create away even if you don’t know how! Speaking of, I’m about ten months late on sharing my first video, but I expect to get it published very soon, eek!


To some people, their design/branding isn’t as important as their content. And while I agree with that too, I feel like there is no direction for me if I don’t have an idea of what my brand is. As I evolve, the branding of She Sweats Diamonds (website included) will change simultaneously to keep up with my growth. I’m not sure when the next change will be. It may be this fall or next February, but just know that design changes will be happening often as I grow.

For now, this is the direction I hope She Sweats Diamonds will be heading in 2019. 

It’s scary yet exciting at the same time because I cannot wait to see how this community will evolve over time! What do you guys think?

What do you want to see more of here on She Sweats Diamonds? Less of? I’m open to any ideas/suggestions! Let me know in the comments below!