Facet of Change: Next Steps

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The hardest step she took was to blindly trust in who she was. —Atticus

When 2020 began, I was so happy and excited that not only a new year was starting, but a new decade was beginning.

There’s something about a clean slate that just makes me so giddy. It’s a chance to start fresh and do it better. Maybe that’s why I love the start of a new week, month, year, decade, or anything for that matter.

Speaking of, my plans for the start of 2020 and a new decade was full of adventures and experiences.

However, these past six months have been some of the hardest times I’ve had in awhile. If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me, it’s to find the silver lining. And lots of it.

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As I’ve sought to find the silver livings this year, a lot of self-reflection and personal growth has been happening too.

I’ve found myself wondering what my next steps in life are going to be. Hence, the shot in today’s article.

New shoes for a new chapter.

That sounds fitting. Or should it be new shoes for a new chapter? The difference between a period and a question mark makes a huge difference.

One makes it sound certain that an exciting decision has been made while the other questions the possibility of a new path.

Part of me feels like I should just “go with the flow” while the other part of me fights it. What other part of me, you ask? The part that likes to plan things in advance. Not that I plan my life down to the minute, but I always make it a point to prevent issues from arising.

I’m definitely not the type to wait for a problem to surface then fix it. 

If I can prevent a problem from happening in the first place, I’ll put in the extra work. Why? So I can enjoy life more rather than spending time fixing problems I created.

However, with 2020 surprising us left and right, it’s kind of hard to figure out my next steps. I find myself feeling lost for the first time in what feels like forever.

And a part of me wonders if I’m overthinking and planning “too much” for my future. I know I shouldn’t think about the future too much, but I can’t help it.

This time has taught me that there is much adventure waiting for me, many experiences to have, and blessings from God to enjoy.

Although I don’t know when it will be, I cannot wait to live life more than ever.

Are you at a crossroads yourself? If so, do you know your next steps and have them laid out or are you like me and aren’t sure either? How do you feel about life right now?


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