Edgy Vibes :: Lace Tee & Leather Panel Pants

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Edgy Vibes :: Lace Tee & Leather Panel Pants | She Sweats Diamonds

Edgy Vibes :: Lace Tee & Leather Panel Pants | She Sweats Diamonds

Edgy Vibes :: Lace Tee & Leather Panel Pants | She Sweats Diamonds

Edgy Vibes :: Lace Tee & Leather Panel Pants | She Sweats Diamonds

One of the reasons why I restarted my blog was to gain my confidence back. I strongly believe that part of having confidence is how you dress. I mean, have you ever put something on and just feel like you can conquer the world? Whether it’s red lipstick, a pair of amazing pumps, an awesome blazer or a power jumpsuit, I honestly feel that what you wear can add a huge boost of confidence.

To me, it’s important to have pieces you can re-wear over and over again and not fall out of love with them. As I think about outfits to share with you guys, I take into major consideration to use pieces I already have in my closet. Hence, my many recommendations to recreate this outfit as a ton of my pieces are old. It’s only realistic for us normal folk to re-wear our most loved items. I mean, even the Duchess re-wears her clothes. 

Anyway, when it comes to my style, I tend to lean towards edgy pieces and add my own feminine touches (hence this week’s look). If I love a super feminine piece, I’ll take down the girliness a level or two.

If you’re looking for an edgy yet powerful feminine vibe, here are some my style rules: 

Go for all-black.

A never-fail way to style an edgy look is to go for all black. I used to hate wearing all black, but I’m not opposed to it as much as I used to. For the fall, just switch out pumps for some booties.

(Faux) leather is a must.

Since my pants already had faux leather on the sides, I wanted to add extra faux leather with a jacket. However you style your outfit, (faux) leather just adds a bit of oomph. You can go small with shoes or a bag or go big with a jacket, pants or a top/dress.

Mix in texture for some interest.

Whatever fabric you prefer, add some texture. In this case, I went for lace. You can mix in silk, fringe, feathers, sequins, embroidery, etc. Can you imagine a pretty feather skirt with leather sandals? Yasss…

Add feminine touches to finish off your look.

I love the edgy feel of this outfit, but I wanted to add lace and pearls for a girly touch. Fool-proof girly touches are always something made of pearls, diamonds and metallics.

For me, my full-proof armor to feeling powerful is something or all black with feminine elements. I personally believe that the way you’re dressed can change how you feel and from there, changes how you do things. For me, my style rules I shared with you above is how I feel like I can conquer the world!

What are your style secrets to feeling powerful and confident? 


Cropped Lace Tee (on major sale!) | Cami (worn underneath) | Faux Leather Panel Pants (RIP The Limited, similar paneled faux leather leggings – under $80) | Faux Leather Jacket (old, similar faux leather jacket) | Black Pumps (super old, similar black pumps, investment black pumps) | Double Pearl Earrings (old, similar double pearl earrings) | Mirrored Sunglasses (my absolute favorites!) | Lipstick in Intense Nude | Nail Polish in Incognito