Bright & Edgy Vibes :: Pink Top & Faux Leather Shorts

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Bright & Edgy Vibes : Pink Top & Faux Leather Shorts | She Sweats Diamonds

Bright & Edgy Vibes : Pink Top & Faux Leather Shorts | She Sweats Diamonds

Top (old, similar bright pink top) | Faux Leather Shorts (under $90 and great quality!) | Slip-on sneakers | Addie Earrings (similar earrings) | Sunglasses

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I hope you had a great and long Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed time with your loved ones. I spent some time helping my mom figure out stuff for her garden/backyard. I also worked on some blog posts and laid around because I never get to relax (and also because I had a headache).

Anyway, for this week’s look, I wanted to share how I styled these faux leather shorts and how to dress for hot weather. I quickly snapped this look a few weeks back and the weather was hot then. Not going to lie, but I was dying in this top. 

Speaking of, from the looks of things, it looks like it’s going to be a hot summer this year so I wanted to talk about how to keep cool without having to sacrifice your style. 

Cut / length

I’m not a big fan of wearing maxi dresses or skirts during the summer (that’s more of a spring thing) as I prefer ventilation when it comes to sticky weather, haha! This is stating the obvious, but look for mid to short length dresses and skirts to stay cool.

Also, pay attention to the cut of your clothes. Anything fitted will make you hotter (unless it’s a cotton tee) so stay away from sheath dresses, pencil skirts or anything “bandage” if you want to stay cool. Even t-shirt dresses should have a loose fit. Again, this is stating the obvious, but sometimes you don’t realize what the majority of your wardrobe is made of until you really take an inventory. 


I don’t tend to go for stretchy fabrics because I hate tugging at my clothes. For hot and humid weather, go for nautral fabrics like cotton and linen to keep moisture away. For man-made fabrics, I prefer rayon. It’s cool to the touch and feels great against skin. If you have to go for polyester, make sure it’s a blend with natural fabrics as well.

Light Colors

Keep light colors in mind when choosing your outfit for the day or while you’re out shopping for summer clothes because you have too many dark colors like me, ha! Dark colors absorb heat while light colors (and white) reflect the heat. Note that UV rays penetrate your clothes easier the lighter it is so make sure to wear sunscreen even if you’re covered up! 

I hope these tips help you stay cool while keeping to your perosnal style! 

What’s your summer style like?

I’ll be shopping for some more pieces for summer so stay tuned for some similar hot weather oufits (sorry, no off-the-shoulder tops here). I’ll be living in shorts and tops all summer if the weather keeps staying this hot.  Also, keep an eye out for next week’s fashion post! I’ll be announcing a super fun collaboration! Have a great day and thanks for visiting today!