Discovering Dallas

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal. —Paulo Coelho

At the beginning of 2020, I quietly published a page on here called City Guide: Things to Do in Dallas.

That page stemmed from out-of-state friends asking me for recommendations on places to stay, eat, shop, things to do, etc.

I realized that even though I live in Dallas, I wasn’t taking time to explore my own back yard.

I also realized that I wasn’t a great reference for my friends. That said, I’m excited to announce that I’m evolving SSD into a resource where you visit not only for fashion and beauty, but for experiences!!!

What a way to mark the 3rd anniversary of She Sweats Diamonds, am I right?

Discovering Dallas - She Sweats Diamonds - Dallas, TX travel guide - things to do in Dallas - Dallas lifestyle blog


As I thought about where to take SSD in 2020, I thought about what I and many people are focusing on more and where we’re spending our hard-earned dollars. I already knew the answer, but the more I thought in-depth about it, the more I got excited. Studies show that people, especially my generation (the millennials), are spending less on material things and more on experiences. And with climate changes happening based on our massive consumption habits, rightfully so!

Personally, I’d rather experience my best life than to focus on accumulating things. And maybe it’s the Marie Kondo movement, but I’d rather spend my dollars on experiences because the feeling of joy 1) lasts longer than what material goods can bring and 2) that emotion of joy can keep coming back when reflecting on said experiences.


During my one of my coaching calls with my mentor, I realized that I needed to slow down. My overworking self learned that I needed to do energy-renewing activities to combat my stress and anxiety. So instead of booking any travels abroad, I decided to explore my city this year. Not that I’m not dreaming about traveling abroad, I just think it’s wise to start with my own city first as I’m figuring out my finances.

And truth be told, I have no idea where this segment will go. However, I’m so excited to meet companies and business owners along the way and learn more about their dreams too! Now, this isn’t to say I will stop promoting fashion and beauty. I still plan on creating this content for you, just less of it by doing it the luxury/consignment way.


In this new series, I hope to partner with local businesses to bring you the best of the best Dallas has to offer. That said, if you’re in marketing, public relations, or are a business owner, please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to collaborate.

I’d love to share my experiences of your brand/company with my readers!

If you’re a native Dallasite, it’s my hope you get out more and explore what our city has to offer.

And if you’re ever interested in visiting Dallas and decide you want to come, you have a “one-stop shop” resource at your fingertips to have the best time while you’re here.

Here’s to creating memories!

Have you been to Dallas before? If not, would you want to visit?