The Diamond Edit No. 3 :: Marble and Copper Kitchen

The secret ingredient is butter love.

Helloooo marble and copper kitchen! Switching things up again this week with a home-related topic!

I’ve been gravitating towards a copper and marble theme for the kitchen lately. I’m a fan of gold, but there are so many different shades of gold that copper is just easier.

For some reason, I feel that copper just elevates the look of a room more rather than gold. When I was looking for a theme, it was natural for me to go with a marble and copper kitchen.

First of all, let me be clear on something. I wanted to gather some pieces I felt are worth the investment because you want to make sure your choices last you a long time. Secondly, I’m a cost-divided-by-times-per-wear gal.

In this case, I’m talking about cost-divided-by-times-per-use. Most of all, I want to share pieces that I would personally choose to be on my home wishlist.

Let’s talk about my picks!

The Diamond Edit No. 3 :: Marble and Copper Kitchen | She Sweats DIamonds

Marble spoon rest // I actually own this marble spoon rest and it’s amazing! It’s very high quality and heavy. To clean it, all I have to do is just wipe it down or run it under warm water and a little bit of soap.

Copper mixing bowls // I love these copper mixing bowls. Since I don’t bake much, I don’t use mixing bowls for baking purposes. Instead, I use them for cooking like marinading meats. I missed the copper mixing bowls with the rubber bottoms from Target (they sold out so fast!) so these will do!

Copper flatware set // I’ve been looking for a copper flatware set that’s not all copper and really like the contrast of this set!

Soap dispenser // The combination of marble and copper with this lotion dispenser is so pretty. It’s more than I’d like to pay, but since it’s real marble, it’s heavy, meaning it’ll be somewhat durable.

Measuring cups // I recently bought some beautiful copper measuring cups from Williams-Sonoma (which aren’t the same in the picture above). I have purchased many kitchen items from them in the past for myself and as gifts so it’s not hard to recommend these copper measuring cups. Just make sure to read the instructions for caring for these.

Hammered copper chargers // Since I already have gold chargers, I think hammered copper chargers would be a nice change for spring and summer. Imagine these with a creamy white setting for spring or blue and white tablescape for summer!

Copper kettle // This copper kettle is everything!!! ::insert emoji praise hands here:: As a huge tea drinker, I know this sounds stupid, but I can’t stand the whistling of my hand-me-down tea kettle. I’d love a quieter kettle and this one is so sleek and beautiful. I also love that you can measure out how many cups you want to make. It’s a bit pricey, but considering I drink tea every evening to wind down, the investment will be worth it!

Copper measuring spoons // I’m still in need of measuring spoons and these copper measuring spoons are beautiful and affordable!

Vitamix copper blender // Making smoothies is a huge part of my daily routine. I currently have a Ninja that I received as a gift from my best friend’s mom that gets the job done. However, I know I’ll have to invest in a good blender when mine bites the dust. I heard so many great things about Vitamix so this copper blender is just perfect! It’ll be awhile until I can buy one, but it’s definitely on my wishlist!

Copper stainless steel cookware set // After throwing away a few of my pots/pans (the non-stick coating was peeling off and getting into my food), this gorgeous copper stainless steel cookware set is “the one” because of many reasons. Since I don’t have time to clean copper cookware, I wanted something with copper accents, but with minimal care. On top of that, it’s super affordable (just under $300). I prefer glass lids so that’s the only downside, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Marble pastry slab // This marble pastry slab isn’t a huge need, but since I plan to learn how to bake more this year, it’d be perfect for a beginner baker like me!

If you are a fan or marble/copper, do you have any products on this list that you love? What else would you recommend?


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