The Diamond Edit No. 11: Fall Home Decor

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them. —David Hicks

It’s been a good minute since I shared a home decor post, hasn’t it?

Well, I want to start sharing more of my home decor style here on the blog. Aside from my love for fashion and beauty, you’ll be getting more home decor ideas since I love anything home and interior design-related!

Maybe it’s because I wanted to be an interior designer growing up. Although I nixed that career path very quickly when I found out math was involved, ha!

Since moving earlier this year, I haven’t had time to really plan or think much about my decor. Maybe it’s because I didn’t know what my home decor style was. Or maybe it’s because I still need to purge. A lot.

Anyway, I’m finding that as my taste in clothes is solidifying, it’s bleeding over into my home style as well. Not going to lie, it feels great to finally know your style in fashion and home!

The Diamond Edit No 11: Fall Home Decor | She Sweats Diamonds

Today, I want to share a few tips on how to find your home style using fall home decor as examples.


Finding a color palette for your home should take some time and thought. Your color scheme can consist of your favorite color(s), but you have to be thoughtful. For instance, if you love hot pink, it doesn’t mean you should have it all over your house.

Find ways to incorporate it into your home in small doses. Picture frames, coffee table books, or art are great examples. Your color scheme for your home should make you feel happy yet relaxed at the same time.

My favorite colors are nude pink, beige, steel blue, turquoise/teal, grey and white. In terms of patterns, I love metallics of any kind and marble.

To give you an idea of how I’d decorate my home, I’d have white walls with steel blue as an accent wall. My couch would be grey/silver with nude pink and teal pillows with a beige blanket. I’d incorporate metallics and marble into small decor such as silver or gold vases, trays (this marble tray is under $50), and accent furniture/pieces like a brass bar cart (this one is currently on sale).


For your home to look and feel put together, mix up your textures. Instead of having velvet everything, add in faux fur, leather, silk, etc.

Having a combination of textures can feel imperfect, but it can do wonders for your home by giving it a luxe feel. Putting a cotton plant wreath on your door adds texture and sets the expectation of the mood/feel of your home before guests are even welcomed in.

Faux fur pillows can instantly make your living room look expensive. Add a pouf and a faux fur blanket and you’re sure to stay curled up on the couch all evening long. Heck, your guests may not want to go home, haha!


Home decor isn’t just about visual aesthetics. The way your home smells is so important to creating a mood. Whatever your favorite scent is at the moment, purchase it in the form of a candle, potpourri, oil, or reed oil diffuser and use it to your heart’s content.

Scents create that “happy to be home” feeling and make your guests feel invited when they walk in the door. Anthropologie does a great job with scents. As a consumer, their scents are so inviting that I pop in just to browse (and see their newest candles, of course) even if I didn’t plan on coming in!

My absolute favorite candles are from Diptyque (I got spoiled by this brand over the summer) so I’m thinking that splurging on a large-sized candle to take me through fall and winter isn’t a bad idea. If you’re curious about this brand, they burn for incredibly long periods of time so it’s worth the money.


If you know me, you know that I LOVE music. Music can change your mood from sad/mad to happy almost instantly…at least it does for me. I love starting off my days by playing music as I get ready in the morning (I Am They has been on repeat since spring).

When entertaining, sound is everything when your guests walk in the door. Music makes the environment less awkward for guests who don’t know each other, wouldn’t you say? I own a Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker (it’s ah-mazinggg) and wouldn’t mind saving up for a Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker as a two-for-one: sound and decor!

I seriously can’t wait to go shopping for some fall home decor. Obviously, it’s going to take me a while because I’m the kind who likes to take her time when buying things to make sure I love it.

If you don’t know your home style yet, it’s okay. Whether it’s fashion or home decor, finding your style takes time.

Have you started shopping for fall home decor yet?

If so, what did you get? Or are you an all-seasons with the exception of Christmas kind of decor person?


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