The Diamond Edit No. 1 :: Travel Necessities

The Diamond Edit No. 1 :: Travel Necessities | She Sweats Diamonds

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. —Confucius

Hey guys! I’m in Philly as you’re reading this for the last day of my mini vacation. I haven’t taken a real vacation in years so hence the travel necessities post!

While away, I learned a lot of what my travel necessities would be.

And I thought I’d share my picks to help you if you have a trip coming up. Here we go!

I picked up this makeup set at Bergdorf’s when I realized I had packed with way too much beauty products than I really needed. Since my normal makeup routine isn’t too involved, this set is perfect and will come in handy for my upcoming business trip to Orlando in a few weeks.This pom beanie I bought at Saks Off 5th last weekend was worth the hunt because our first night in NYC was so cold! It’s a cute trend that isn’t too costly unless you want wool or cashmere. It snowed as soon as we got into town so I was happy I had my hat!

My best friend got a universal charger and it saved me several times during this trip! I will NEVER travel without a charger again so I’ll be ordering this charger when I get back home.

This cute nail polish set is a must for a do-it-yourself manicure. I like how you can go natural/nude, dark or glam. I used this nail polish before I left, but forgot the polish and nail polish remover (I LOVE these for travel!) for touch ups.

My skin has been so weird with the dry air. I’ll definitely be purchasing face oil to incorporate into my travel and normal beauty routines. I’ve been using Biossance, but ran out so I’ll be testing out different brands to report back to you!

If you’re constantly traveling to cold areas of the country, it’s important to invest in a high quality and warm scarf. I had a scarf, but it wasn’t warm enough for my trip. I’ve been eyeing a Burberry scarf for a few years so I’ll definitely be narrowing down a neutral scarf to save up for next year’s investment purchase.

Beautiful headphones are so important to cancel out noise especially when it comes to staying in a noisy city. I got gold ones a few years ago and returned it because I didn’t end up liking the color. I used my white noise app, but it wasn’t enough to cancel out all of the noise so I’ll probably get the same headphones, but in rose gold.

A small bag isn’t practical when you’re in town for longer than a few days, so a good sized crossbody bag is great. As long as it can hold a bigger wallet, your phone, lipgloss and a few other small things as you shop, it’s the perfect hands-free bag in my opinion. Otherwise, I’d recommend a sturdy backpack if you tend to buy quite a bit if you prefer using that style bag more on trips.

I wore my OTK boots for two days straight here in NYC. It was not a good idea on the second day considering we walked for about ten miles! I should’ve purchased these tennis shoes before my trip like I had intended, but lesson learned. I’ll be buying this pair when I get back from my trip!

This weekender is so sturdy and great! I own this grey one and it’s the smaller version, but is still so roomy. It has several pockets and can fit an extra pair of shoes, outfit and a few toiletries.

It never hurts to bring an extra charging cable in case you forget yours at the hotel or at home. I like that this one is compact and doesn’t take up too much room.

I’m aware that I chose more high-priced items, but I firmly believe in cost divided by times per wear. In the end, you’ll get your money’s worth if you take care of them.

Is there anything you can’t live without when you’re going out of town? What are your travel necessities?

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll be back tomorrow with my first outfit post of the year!


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