Current Trends :: Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top & Velvet Sneakers

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Current Trends :: Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top & Velvet Sneakers | She Sweats Diamonds

Current Trends :: Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top & Velvet Sneakers | She Sweats Diamonds

Current Trends :: Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top & Velvet Sneakers | She Sweats Diamonds

When it’s hot in Texas, this chick wants to be stylish, but as comfortable and cool as possible too. It was in the low 80’s this past Saturday and that was enough to prompt me to find a new top to keep myself cool since most of my tops are long-sleeved. Thus the cold-shoulder eyelet top in today’s post! Today’s outfit was from earlier in the day on Saturday, hence the jeans. I totally switched to my denim shorts a few hours later as it warmed up.

Anyway, let’s talk about current trends for spring and summer!


This fabric is still going strong from the fall season. I’m okay with this trend in tops and dresses to add texture for spring, but for summer? I’ll just take it in small doses like these velvet sneakers so I don’t die of a heatstroke. In case you’re wondering, they are super comfy and under $60. I think they’ll transition straight into summer perfectly. On a different note, between you and I, let’s hope those Juicy Couture velour tracksuits don’t make a comeback. 


This trend is still going strong from last spring. If you remember from a previous post, I talked about how I didn’t like off-the-shoulder anything in high school and guess what? I don’t hate it, but I still can’t get on board with that trend! I’m like Annabelle. If I feel like I’m going to have to keep adjusting my clothes, I’d rather not wear it. My friend, Kim wears this trend so well in this chambray dress and in this trapeze dress. If you love this trend, more power to you because I think it’s all about finding pieces that aren’t too billowy and fit your frame! 


For me, the more ruffles, the better! I love ruffles in the form of a peplum top best. To me, peplum tops flatters your mid-section and gives you curves if you don’t have any. Also, I love that it hides loops on pants when I’m not wearing a belt and if I decide to eat an extra taco, ha! Since I love this trend, I wouldn’t say no to this one-shoulder striped ruffle top, this adorable peplum lace top that will hide my food baby or this sweet pinstripe peplum shirt with bow back

Cold shoulder

Like I said on my Instagram, I’m totally digging the cold-shoulder trend! I like how it gives the illusion of an off-the-shoulder, yet I don’t have to adjust myself! Additionally, it keeps me cooler so I’m happy! This ruffle cold shoulder top I’m wearing in today’s post fits the bill. Literally! It’s around $30. I loved cold-shoulder tops when I was younger so I like that it’s making a comeback.  

Do you like any of the trends above?

Which one do you like the best? Least? More fun tops for warmer weather will be coming to the blog later this week so stay tuned!