Most of all let love guide your life. —Colossians 3:14

Since Valentine’s Day is next week, let’s talk about love. By that, I mean passion. No, not that kind of passion either.

When was the last time you did something you loved?

I VIVIDLY remember the very first time I conquered my fear of public performance.

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Our drill team tryouts for my senior year is something I’ll never forget. I remember winking, smiling, and “flirting” with the judges while counting the beats in my head as I let the rhythm of the music guide my movements.

When I got a callback, I was shocked and scared at the same time. Note: As a dancer, when you’re called back for a second time, it meant that your scores were at the bottom so you were given one more chance to increase it to the judges’ minimum requirements in order to make the team.

My first thoughts?

“But I did great!” However, I didn’t let my negative thoughts take over. I had two choices: to start letting my own fears consume me or quickly run the routine over in my head. I chose the latter half. Even if I wanted to, a few minutes was not enough time to be the bluebird of happiness, haha!

I took a deep breath, walked back out with a smile and performed with all of my heart, but this time, I also put my soul into it. To my surprise, it turned out that the judges loved my energy so much from my original performance that they positioned me in front so the girls who had callbacks could use me as a reference during their second performance. When I found that out, I not only felt like a great leader to those girls, but also to myself.

Any kind of public performance/speaking used to scare the life out of me.

I used to be very introverted. The old me would rather eat bean sprouts than meet new people. This last year, I realized that if I didn’t do something that was super uncomfortable, I would never get that feeling I had over ten years ago in that gym again because “the thrill of making our dream a reality is always greater than the fear of the fall.”

My words to you: Don’t let your own fears guide your life. Don’t let anyone’s fears guide your life either.

Let your passions guide your life.

Your passions are something you love and hold closely to your soul. Use your dreams and passions to fuel your life and live boldly! Do you what you love with faith and happiness and fall forward doing it!

It’s the best way to grow as a leader!

My Lord said it best: “Most of all let love guide your life.” —Colossians 3:14

How do you let love guide your life?


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