Color Mood :: Spring Dress & Coin Pendant Necklace

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Color Mood :: Spring Dress & Coin Pendant Necklace | She Sweats Diamonds

Color Mood :: Spring Dress & Coin Pendant Necklace | She Sweats Diamonds

Color Mood :: Spring Dress & Coin Pendant Necklace | She Sweats DiamondsDenim jacket (old, similar denim jacket) | Dress (The Limited; LOVE this blue dress) | Flats (old, very similar flats) | Crossbody bag (similar crossbody bag) | Stud Earrings | Coin Pendant Necklace | Eyeliner | Lipstick in Intense Nude

For this week’s outfit post, I wanted to share a non-floral spring look with you today! Don’t get me wrong. I love floral prints, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to patterns. Trust me, you can wear spring looks WITHOUT wearing floral prints. Here are some things I look for when it comes to putting together a spring look:

Cool Fabrics

Go for chambray, cotton and linen and dress it up with brown leather accents for more of a luxe feel even if the price tag isn’t. You can only wear so much chambray before the heat hits, so wear it while you can! I also love silks and flowy fabrics for spring. To me, a good dress is one that has beautiful movement with or without a gust of wind.


Add textures to your look like delicate lace against silk or pair a denim jacket with a white cotton eyelet dress. If you’re like me and prefer neutral colors, keep things interesting by mixing textures. Sometimes what you don’t think pairs well together actually looks good so experiment even when you’re out shopping!

Other prints besides floral

Go for unexpected prints like geometrics, but if you have to have something floral, go for embroidery or switch it up by going for palm prints in unexpected colors.


Choose a color that you wouldn’t normally go for such as fuchsia or sunshine yellow and style a colorblock outfit. While pink is a popular color for spring, I prefer it on my accessories or wearing it on my nails, so I went for blue, one of my favorite shades! For my outfit this week, I chose to go for a bright color, but downplayed all of my accessories. 

As you can see, I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors in my outfits and rarely venture out with color anymore. If you’re interested, you can scroll my past colorful outfits and see how my style has evolved.

Now, I’m a huge fan of black, white, grey (always been my fave with fashion and home decor) and neutrals so wearing color is rare for me now. I’m not sure what my real style is these days (I’m thinking edgy with feminine touches instead of the other way around) so thanks for sticking with me as I figure out my style!

What style do you tend to gravitate to for spring?