Coffee Date No. 5: Hello Summer!

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Coffee Date No. 5: Hello Summer! | She Sweats Diamonds

Seriously. How is it possible that it’s June? How?! It’s time for our monthly coffee date again and quite frankly, I’m in shock that summer is here! Well, almost (June 20th for you heat-seeking, summer lovers). What I love about summer are the longer days, early release Fridays at work (if you’re not that lucky, don’t get any ideas from Office Space then), iced tea (and iced coffee, of course) and air conditioning. 

Talk about major summer vibes. For coffee date No. 5, I want to know…

How does summer change up your routine(s)? What are you expecting in this next season?

  1. How do you like to spend your weekends over the summer?
  2. Is there any kind of different activities you prefer to do to get your workouts in?
  3. What does your summer make up routine look like?
  4. What do you look forward to most this summer?
  5. Is there anything new you want to try?

My updates:

  1. Believe it or not, I prefer to spend my weekends inside during the hot summer months. The heat just zaps all of my energy so I like to preserve it as much as I can. However, it usually never ends up happening because I’m always on the go so I guess I don’t look like a party pooper (that much), haha!
  2. I usually play tennis over the summer, but this year, aside from BBG, I want to take up boxing again. You know, an indoor kind of a work out? 
  3. My summer make up routine is an SPF (if you have any good ones to recommend, let me know!), concealer, eyeliner, bronzer and lipgloss. Look for a beauty post related to this soon!
  4. This summer, I’m looking forward to growing my confidence even more through this blog, meeting more people, making new friends and getting things done that I dread like appointments at the eye doctor, dentist, etc.
  5. It’s nothing new to me, but I want to take a dance class. After watching AC’s collab with Matt, she made me miss dance so much. I’ll be scoping around for a dance class to take just for fun. I haven’t danced in over a decade so I’ll be a little rusty (and nervous), haha! 

Comment below and tell me how your summer routines change and what you expect within these next few months! 

That’s it for our fifth coffee date! Let me know what you’ve been up to since our last caffeinated meeting too!  

I can’t wait to read your answers and get to know you better. Happy Friday Eve!

Image via CoffeeNClothes