Coffee Date No. 3: Spring Happenings

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Coffee Date No. 3: Spring Happenings | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy April, y’all! I can’t believe it’s time for our monthly coffee date again! Spring is here and I can’t wait until grocery stores and flower shops are filled with peonies! 

The first quarter of 2017 has gone by CRAZY fast and has kept me busy for sure! For coffee date No. 3, I want to get some updates on what you’ve been up to for the first quarter of the year as well as give you some updates on my life.

Here we go!

What do you have planned for spring?

  1. What did you do/are going to do on spring break?
  2. Since Easter is this month, how will you celebrate if you do?
  3. What beauty product are you trying?
  4. Have you met any awesome people for the new year?
  5. Have you planned any summer vacations yet?

My updates:

  1. I didn’t do anything on spring break, but work. I know. Hey, I totally enjoyed the traffic-less drives to work so that was a win for me, ha!
  2. My bestie, Sarah, will be back in town for Easter and TJ wants to do an adult Easter egg hunt at the house, so that’s in the schedule somewhere along with church!
  3. Skincare is one of my biggest beauty goals for 2017. I have never used a facial peel before, so I plan on trying this lemon peel. I kind of want to try this makeup removing cleansing balm too!
  4. I’ve met SO many amazing people since February! I switched campuses at my church and have met a ton of sweet new friends! Here’s a picture of Rachel and I with our new friends from our Young Adults city night last week. They are seriously the sweetest! I clicked with them right off the bat and it’s been so refreshing! Pictured left to right: Lauren, Connor, Page, Keren and Nathan. I’ve also finally met a lot of my friends from Dallas Fitness Ambassadors face-to-face after following each other on IG for awhile.
  5. No, no summer vacations are planned yet. I’m really wanting to check out someplace new-to-me like Charleston or Maine for a weekend or two. 

That’s it for our coffee date No. 3! I hope you’ve had a great first quarter of the new year so far! 

What have you been up to since our last caffeinated meeting

Comment below what you’ve been up to because I can’t wait to read your answers and get to know you better!

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