Coffee Date No. 17: Summer Season

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Coffee Date No. 17- Summer Season | She Sweats Diamonds - Chanel Boy Wallet SLG - Anthropologie mug - white and gold mug - white hydrangeas - donut

Happy Monday!!! And just like that, this is our halfway-through-2018 coffee date with each other! It’s June, guys. J-U-N-E!!! This year has gone by way faster than last year and y’all know last year went by fast.

Personally, I’ve been through a lot since our last coffee date. My struggles have been really trying, but I’m pushing through and just finding inspiration again one day at a time.

For coffee date No. 17, let’s keep it light and chat about the summer season!

What do you love most about summer? What are you expecting this summer? Do you have any plans?

  1. What do you LOVE most about summer?
  2. What do you HATE most about summer?
  3. What recreational activities do you enjoy during the summer months? 
  4. What are your plans this summer? Any travel plans?
  5. What do you look forward to most this summer season?

My updates:

  1. As much as I hate summer, there are a few things I love about this time of the year. The longer days, more natural makeup, “Summer Fridays” at my day job (I love leaving work while the sun is still out!) and just more relaxing vibes from everyone overall. 
  2. My friends up north make fun of me all the time by saying I live in the wrong state since summer is my least favorite season. It’s okay though because I make fun of them for hating winter and they’re the ones living in Canada or bordering it, ha! I hateee mosquitoes, (June) bugs and the hot, sticky and humid days. I honestly loathe leaving for work in the morning and it’s already super hot before 9am!
  3. During the summer, I tend not to do much just because it’s too hot out. I enjoy watching Rangers baseball, staying inside from the heat for the most part and BBQs. By BBQs, I mean, my friends are outside grilling while I’m inside chatting with my other friends, haha! I also make it a point to travel somewhere during the summer, anywhere to get out of the heat! 
  4. Speaking of, this summer I’m planning to go visit my bff, Sarah, and see run her first triathlon! I seriously can’t wait to go and cheer her on in Philly! Afterwards, we’ll probably hang around, take a day trip to NYC. Nothing is concrete yet, but I’m itching to leave town considering it’s been awhile since I’ve had a vacation.
  5. I’m looking forward to lots of downtime, personal growth, putting my vision board together, hitting a few goals, creating content for you guys and really learning what it means to slow down, do less and take more self-care days.

And that’s it for this month’s coffee date! Comment below and let me know about your plans for this summer season!

I’d love to know what’s been on your mind lately so leave a comment!