Coffee Date No. 15: Easter Traditions

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Coffee Date No. 15: Easter Traditions | She Sweats Diamonds

Happy Good Friday, friends!!! I cannot believe Spring is in full-swing, flowers are blooming (bluebonnets are starting to pop up here in Dallas) and that Easter is just two days away! 

For this month’s coffee date, let’s chat about Easter traditions! 

For coffee date No. 15, I want to know…

What are your family’s Easter traditions? 

  1. Do you and your family celebrate Easter? If so, is it a big ordeal or is it simple?
  2. What do you and your family typically do for Easter Sunday lunch?
  3. Do you do Easter egg hunts? By the way, adult egg hunts do count!
  4. What’s the best thing you’ve found/hidden in a plastic egg?
  5. What’s your favorite Easter tradition? If you don’t have one, what tradition would you like to start?

My updates:

  1. My family does not celebrate Easter. It was never a huge deal. We just ate candy. As an adult now, I celebrate Easter because I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  2. Since my family doesn’t do Easter, I tend to hang out with my best friend and her family. Before Rachel’s mom passed away, we just cooked a simple meal with salads to start right after we get home from church.
  3. I absolutely do do Easter egg hunts with my besties, haha! Sadly, Sarah won’t be in town this year so I have no clue what we’re going to do yet. However, we will still have a hunt!
  4. Money! #duh One day, I want to have time and money to get cash out and just had money eggs (with one $100 egg) EVERYWHERE for an adult-version of the hunt, ha!
  5. My favorite Easter tradition is one my best friends and I started several years ago. We go and pick out out favorite candy, go home and fill the plastic eggs. Then we divide the eggs between everyone involved by color and the eggs we got were the ones we hid. We had a hunt that lasted nearly five hours a few years ago, hahaha! 

And that’s it for this month’s coffee date! Comment below and let me know you or your family’s Easter traditions!  

Have a fantastic, safe and LONG weekend!

Sidenote, I’ll be back to posting consistently very soon. Until then, I’ll post when I can since I have a busy few weeks! 

Image via Stephanie Sterjovski (LOVE her!)