Christmas Gift Guide: Homebody / TV Binger

Christmas Gift Guide: Homebody & TV Binger | She Sweats DiamondsNot going to lie, as I get older, I’m becoming more and more of a homebody. It’s not like I have cable to watch shows either. I just like “me time” to decompress and that includes watching reruns or movies I’ve been gifted, reading or some self-love with beauty products.

For one of my last gift guides I’ll be posting, I thought I’d share some ideas for that homebody on your list! Oh and if you happen to be that homebody too, it’s cool. Get yourself something nice.

Super Soft Bathrobe – I heard sooo much about this brand and how incredibly soft their products are. I have three old robes that have seen some love so this would be at the top of my list for sure! With many colors to choose from and for just under $100, this is a gift that will sure be put to good use!

Comfy Cotton Pajamas – I usually sleep in random clothes like pajama bottoms with a T-shirt or old workout shorts with a soft long tee. I’m pretty sure I want to start getting a few more sets of pajamas just to mix things up throughout the year.

This highly-rated pj set comes in navy (only a few sizes left), light blue and white. Sadly, monogramming wouldn’t be done in time to receive by Christmas. Maybe you can bring it to have it monogrammed by a third party!

Fun Socks – I just received pizza socks as a just because gift from my bestie (thanks, Rachie!) so when I saw this set, I had to include it!

Life is too short to wear boring socks when it’s cold, am I right or am I right?!

Faux Fur Slippers – I loveee sliding into my fuzzy slippers after a long day of work. I mean, who doesn’t? I own a pair from Restoration Hardware and they sell out so fast every year. These are very similar to the pair I have if you want to gift a pair, nab these at $20/set!

Lavender Bubble Bath – I’m not a big bath person at all, but sometimes, a girl just needs a break from all the noise.

Lavender is so calming so why not give the gift of relaxation?

Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask – Ahhh, I can see it now: I’m in my soft, fluffy robe right after taking my bath, make myself a cup of tea and while it’s cooling, I put on this face mask to give my skin some love.

Doesn’t it sound like a lovely (and much cheaper) spa day?!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – I first heard about facial rollers with the GloPro brand other bloggers were promoting.

However, when Marianna talked about using a jade face roller, my ears perked up. I was VERY intrigued by it, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. Until I saw this blush pink face roller (under $50) I never knew beauty tools could be this beautiful! #CanIHaz?

Candles – My absolute favorite candles. Ever! Small, but mighty because they last for a long time! And you can reuse the candle holders for things like cotton swabs, bobby pins, etc! Win-win!

Faux Fur Blanket – What homebody wouldn’t want a soft faux fur blanket? Just crank up the AC so you can have an excuse to use it!

That’s how I play the game and I’m sticking to it!

Pretty Mug – Hot chocolate, tea, whatever the beverage is, just make sure to add a little prettiness to someone’s life with this mug. Need I say more?

Dual Heater/Fan – Quite the investment, but have you seen a better designed heater AND fan? I haven’t. Just sayin’.

And that’s all for today’s post! What would you like most from this gift guide? For me, it’s probably the robe and the rose quartz face roller!


Do you consider yourself a homebody?

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