“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” —Simon Sinek

Over the last several years, I have learned that how I spend my money and who I spend it with is important.

How I choose to spend my money dictates what kind of world I want.

For example, when I intentionally choose to spend less on fast fashion, that means that I do not support people working in unsafe environments and be paid low wages.

Personally, I promote luxury fashion and beauty because I’ve always believed in cost divided by times per wear.

Not only do you buy pieces that will last you many seasons. You feel good by spending your hard-earned money on high-quality things.

Christian brands - Elevate Beauty USA - Amanda Ensing - She Sweats Diamonds - Huong Vo

That said, this year, I’m choosing to support brands and companies that align with my personal beliefs. One of my personal beliefs that is a big part of my identity and who I am is my faith.

So I thought I’d share brands who have the same personal faith while supporting small businesses.

Check out this list of Christian brands to support this holiday season and beyond!


Altar’d State


Barnabas Clothing

Bond And Seek


Brenda Grands

Conviction Co.

Del Carmen

Elevated Faith

His Glory Co.

Madi Prew

O Holy Bijoux

Seek Jesus

She Who Is

Truth Apparel

The Hosanna Label


Yakkem Apparel



Elevate Beauty USA

Hope Beauty USA

Nimi Skincare

Virtue Beauty USA


Seven Weeks Coffee


American Blossom Linens

Off-White Palette


Hosanna Revival


Hand lettered by Tiffany

Nava Reality Group


Saved In the City

I hope you enjoyed this list as I wanted to share smaller brands that weren’t too mainstream. If you are looking to support Christian-based brands and companies, I hope you use this list to get some shopping this holiday season and throughout the year!

As I discover more brands, I will be updating this article as well!

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite Christian brands you love!