Leather + Camo :: Camo Denim & Faux Leather Jacket

Leather + Camo - Camo Denim & Faux Leather Jacket | She Sweats Diamonds

I know what you’re thinking. “Holy cow. Another outfit post, Huong!” I know. That’s four in a row. I’m proud of me too, haha! If you asked me even a year ago if I would ever wear camo, much less camo denim, I’d laugh at you. I really didn’t see camo print as “fashionable” until just this last year. Funny thing is, my bestie spotted these pants at Zara during the fall season and told me to try them on. I told her no and while I was in the fitting room trying on other things, she threw them into the mix. Nautrally, I tried them on and was actually surprised!

Leather + Camo - Camo Denim & Faux Leather Jacket | She Sweats Diamonds

These camo denim felt good and the longer I had them on, the better they looked. Honestly, I didn’t know how to style them at the time, but I still bought them knowing they had some potential. When I brought them home, I knew this faux leather jacket from Zara would be the perfect finisher, but my top? No clue.

After seeing Megan over at For All Things Lovely style the same exact denim I had with a distressed tee, I knew this thermal top (on sale under $5!) would work for my look. I already had this thermal top in gray and mauve and styled them with leggings and loved them so much that I bought another one in black. Needless to say, it was the perfect combo so thanks for the inspo, Megan!

Leather + Camo - Camo Denim & Faux Leather Jacket | She Sweats Diamonds

Honestly, I’m not a fan of ripped denim. The kind of ripped denim where you can stick your arm in the hole? Definitely not my jam. But a small amount like this distressed denim look my friend, Kim over at Color & Chic wore a few years ago? That kind of distressed denim I can handle. You know what’s funny? My friend Joe once told me he would never own a t-shirt or jeans with holes in it and that if he does, he’d be making the holes himself because it’d be for free, haha!

You know what, Joe? I feel the same way. However, if I am going to own something with holes in it, I would make sure it’s affordable like this distressed tee. Or buy it when it’s on super clearance just so I could have a clear conscience, lol!

Leather + Camo - Camo Denim & Faux Leather Jacket | She Sweats Diamonds

Thermal (yup, under $5!) | Camo Denim (old, VERY similar camo denim) | Faux Leather Jacket (old, similar faux leather jacket) | Black Sneakers (similar sneakers) | Crossbody bag (sold out, similar crossbody bag) | Earrings (similar ear crawlers)

First, let me say that I’m proud of myself for trying camo. Secondly, I’m proud of myself for giving distressed denim a shot. Lastly, look at me trying two trends at once! Although I admit after looking at these photos, I may need some actual fashion sneaks like these jeweled sneakers, perforated suede sneakers or these black leather sneakers (under $80).

Since this is my first out-of-comfort zone outfit, what do you think? I guess you can consider this look as me easing into the distressed denim category. So, are you a fan of ripped or distressed jeans? How about camo?