Blogging Lessons: What to Do When Things Seem Too Hard

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Blogging Lessons: What to Do When Things Seem Too Hard | She Sweats Diamonds

In my previous blog post about lessons I’ve learned about blogging, I talked about how I navigated the blogosphere after starting over again. Yesterday, I came across a website I thought would be perfect to partner with. Basically, they match you with brands based on your niche, audience etc. Next, they send you free products to try in exchange for a blog post or YouTube video review. I was so excited that I signed up only to find out that I needed 1,000 YouTube followers (feel free to subscribe) or 10,000 Instagram followers. Bummer.

I told my blogging buddy, Mayling of Loubis & Leggings because we’re pretty much each other’s support in the blogging world. And what she told me prompted this blogging lessons post. Today, I want to talk about what to do when hurdles seem too big to climb, especially in an incredibly saturated industry. 


When the hurdles seem too big to climb, think about going on a break. When you’re away from creating, you tend to find inspiration again. You can watch other people’s YouTube videos, read articles outside of your industry, chat with your family/friends or take walks to clear your mind. Whatever it is, take a break and get inspired again!


If you know me, you know that I refuse to buy followers. I have way too much pride for the social media side of blogging. I’d much rather have a small, yet engaged audience than look like I’m an influencer of some kind when I know what my true numbers really are. When the hurdle seems too big to climb, just remember that other successful bloggers started somewhere too. There are bloggers who really built their brand from the ground up.

Stay focused on your blog and your content. People read blogs for one of two reasons: 1) They’re hate reading or 2) They genuinely like you, your brand and your content. When “you do you,” you stay in your lane and you end up being more focused. You may not feel like it, but you’ll stand out of a huge crowd.


It’s so important to have a mindset of delayed gratification when it comes to blogging. Success is not going to happen overnight. Just put your head down and keep working. Keep your list of ideas running, keep drafting and keep putting your content out there. Work in silence and let success be your noise. If you have a hard time with delayed gratification, read The Compound Effect. I promise it’ll change your perspective! 

If you really love what you’re doing, you’re not going to stop. You may have a few bumps along the way, but you’ll find a way to get back on the saddle and ride into the sunset! I’m a perfect example. Blogging for a little over 11 years and I’m still here! Just taking it more seriously this time around.

What are some blogging lessons you can share from your struggles?

I hope this post helps you in some way! Happy Friday!