Beauty Products for Sparse Brows I Swear By

Beauty Products for Sparse Brows I Swear By - She Sweats Diamonds

Several weeks ago, I shared this super funny video about this guy ranting about his daughter’s eyebrow obsession on my Facebook page. It was so hilarious yet at the same time sparked an idea for me to do a beauty post for you guys! For the last few years, I’ve been kind of jealous of other women who have full and thick brows.

You see, I grew up with sparse eyebrows. Not only that, but they were big in width so if they were really full, they’d look like hairy leeches, ha! I know. It’s really as bad as it sounds.

A few years ago, I went to Nordstrom and inquired about how to shape my eyebrows. However, after I took a quick-pretend-you’re-not-looking look at the beauty associate, I changed my mind. I couldn’t trust her because her brows were drawn on and no offense to her, but if you’re going to sell a service, you’ve got to be a walking billboard, know what I mean? 

Ever since that experience, I’ve done tons of research, purchased stencils (yep, go ahead and make fun of me) that sucked and even looked into microblading. After many dead ends and not trusting myself, I often wondered if I could ever have the eyebrows of my dreams, haha!

Well, I can say now that I am well on my way to full and well-shaped brows for my face shape!

However, before I jump into beauty products for sparse brows I use, I thought I’d share the evolution of my eyebrows:

Beauty Products for Sparse Brows I Swear By - She Sweats Diamonds - Dallas Lifestyle Blog

From left to right: 2009, 2010, 2018. Scary beginning wasn’t it? By the way, when your mom says, “If you overpluck your eyebrows, they won’t grow back,” she’s right so listen to her! 

If you like my progress, check out my fool-proof eyebrow makeup kit:


I’ve used this exact brow pencil (my shade is Granite) for a little over five years. As one of my favorite beauty products, this is a definite makeup bag must-have! To me, this is the best eyebrow pencil for sparse brows as you can get more product compared to the twistable style. 


If you’re not into pencils and would rather “brush on” your brows, this eyebrow pomade is it. You don’t need a lot so this little pot, like the pencil above, will last you FOREVER. If I have extra time, I use this pomade. I also use this in the shade Granite too.


I use the spoolie side of this brow brush to smooth out my brows before dipping it into the pomade. I’ve found that a light hand helps if you want natural looking brows. The brush I got is a #7 and since it’s not available anymore, #7B is the closest I’ll recommend for y’all! 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel 

I purchased this eyebrow gel in Dark Brown/Black a few weeks ago when I was in Sephora to pick up my absolute favorite liquid black eyeliner. After several uses, I must say that I love this eyebrow gel! The brush is so small and very fine and picks up the right amount of product too.

neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum 

I’m not kidding you, this brow serum works! I bought this lash serum a few years ago and since my lashes grew, I gave the brow serum a shot and it’s amazing! Just trust me and get this product! 

And if you’re on a budget…don’t fret!

When it comes to the best drugstore eyebrow products, I grew up using this Maybelline eyebrow pencil and would recommend this Revlon Colorstay eyebrow pencil with spoolie. Both products are under $7 and from great beauty brands I love! 

What are your favorite beauty products for sparse brows?


I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I have tons more beauty posts coming for you that includes a few new goodies and what I’ve tested! Stay tuned!

NoteI was not gifted these products nor was I compensated or asked to review these products by any beauty brand or beauty retailer. All products I’ve mentioned, I have used and purchased with my own money. All opinions are solely my own.