As of Late, I’ve Been…Winter 2018 Edition

As of Late, I've Been...Winter 2018 Edition - She Sweats Diamonds

And just like that, Christmas is over. That is absolutely insane to me! What happened to December? The holiday season has flown by so incredibly fast.

And I’ve decided that I’m keeping up my holiday decorations for as long as possible because I was late on that this year. However, I was ahead of my Christmas shopping and am so proud of myself, haha!



I finally finished Everybody Loves Raymond reruns and after about ten years, I just started watching Friends again! God, I missed that show! I also just started watching Golden Girls too. No shame here. 

I’ve slowed down on Love It or List, The Crown (because I can’t bare to say goodbye to Claire Foy yet) and Person of Interest. As for movies, my friends and I loved Crazy Rich Asians and have seen all of the classic Christmas movies about several times over.

We’ve also crossed Thor off the Marvel list. Superhero movies are back on with the first Avengers and Iron Man 3 next on the list! Speaking of, have y’all seen the trailer for the last Avengers?! What did you think of the name? I clutched my heart. Anyway, if you’re a fan of superheroes like I am, you’ll probably know what’s going to happen even if you don’t want it to happen come April 2019. 


I’m still on Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge with my small group at church. We’ve decided that we’re a discussion group with a book on the side, haha! For leisure, I’m still working on book two of a fantasy series through Audible called The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. Not going to lie, I’ve had to rewind chapters because I have a hard time keeping up with the narrator. I miss, Sam Tsoutsouvas, the narrator of the first book.


I just played Zelda on Nintendo Switch when I was at Target a few weeks ago and I was impressed! And if I’m being honest, I think I want one now, ha! As for beauty, I’m currently experimenting with facial cleansers so you’ll be getting reviews in the new year!


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I had my fair share of pasta to last me until Spring. My mom made me a ton of spaghetti (thanks, mom!) a few weeks ago and now, I don’t want any kind of pasta for awhile, lol! I couldn’t go through it all and felt so bad for throwing the rest of it away.

I’ve had a ton of coffee lately (sleeping late) and more than I care to admit. Usually one cup every one or two days does it for me, but I’m finding myself chugging a tall iced coffee with almond milk right before my workouts just so I don’t fall asleep on the mat! Other than that, I’m trying to eat less because I’ve got some pounds to release for 2019.


I’ve been wearing my old, yet favorite leopard block coat from Zara a ton lately. Also on repeat? My Jeffrey Campbell pearl booties and these trousers for work. Didn’t think I could find great quality trousers after The Limited closed, but I’m a happy camper again!


I just purchased a mini fridge for my skincare products, a new wool coat (it was way overdue and I’ve got a story about that so stay tuned), a few sweaters and a laptop case from Black Friday. I got a few of these amazing work pants and new food storage containers so hopefully, I’ll get back to meal prepping soon! 


For music, I don’t have anything on repeat lately. However, I’ve been tuning into the 106.1 Kiss FM show though. The more I listen to the Kidd Kraddick team in the mornings, the more I love them and realized how much I missed listening to them! They’re so funny and sweet! I about cry every time I hear a family’s story when they did their Kissmas segment where they grant someone’s wish to help a family in need. Hearing these stories has kept me grounded and so thankful for my life and blessings.


On the blogging-side of things, I’ve been brainstorming and planning like crazy!!! Now, I just need to sit down and get the next steps done.


I’m still looking for a laundry hamper. I can’t believe how many flimsy ones exist out there! Seriously, I want to know who thinks flimsy hampers can hold days worth of clothes?! I’m still looking for some white booties and a new better fitting pair of jeans. No luck on the boots yet. As for the jeans, I’m trying to find the straight leg style and am learning it’s rare to find in a sea of skinny jeans, lol!


The new year! I cannot wait to ramp up my health and get things going for my huge 2019 health goal. This may sound crazy, but I’m nervous and excited at the same time to really step outside of my comfort zone with what I have planned for She Sweats Diamonds. Let’s see what happens!


My new blush pink APLs (on major sale)! I also love my new workout clothes from Carbon38’s huge sale! I love my clothes to look edgy and unique so when it comes to my fitkit, Carbon38 is my go-to brand.


Right now? As of this moment? Sleep.


I’ve been breaking out lately and more than usual too. The sad part is that I know it has to do with my food choices. 


Getting the boring blog stuff done. You know, the admin, back office type stuff that comes with all jobs? Yeah, that. 


Sleep. A lot of sleep. It’s to a point where my besties are texting me to tell me to go to bed! Yeahhuhi8jjiry7. Sorry about that. Excuse me while I pick my head up off the keyboard. 

What’s been going on with you as of late?

Do you have any updates? Exciting news? Things you’re planning for 2019? What was the funniest moment when you spent time with your family this holiday season? What did you get for Christmas?

Image via Marianna Hewitt