Are you living or existing?

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Are You Living or Existing? | She Sweats Diamonds

One of my favorite things to do during my childhood was to play outside like any kid, but for me, I loved the outdoors so much that I didn’t care about mosquito bites (I care now, lol). Growing up, I loved playing baseball, riding my bike, rollerblading, or playing street hockey (anyone else play with a broom?). I also loved to pick dandelions and blow on them to see the seeds soar with the direction of the wind. There was just something about dandelions that made me happy. Maybe it was seeing their seeds float everywhere that made me happy. Or the fact that I knew there were going to be more pretty flowers next Spring because of my actions. 

Years ago, Poppy preached the difference between living and existing. During his message, he asked if we were living or if we were going to be born, live our lives, and die without really living. Obviously he didn’t mean living in the sense of let’s-go-skydiving-because-you-have-x-months-to-live kind of living. His question was about living not for ourselves, but for Jesus. It got to me because it’s exactly what I’m going through right now. 

I know I’m living for God, but for the past six months, I realized that I really and truly want to live for God. I’m just not happy if I’m not doing what God has planned for me. I know there’s more to life than just working and going home to hit the repeat button. Maybe that’s why I like not knowing where this blog will take me.

That’s just it. I have no clue where this blog will take me. It’s scary yet at the same time, it’s exciting not knowing. What I do know is that I’m just so darn eager to know what I can do to contribute to God’s kingdom that I think about it as much as I think about fashion. “Can God use my gift of communication to add to his kingdom?” Yes. “Can God use my love for fashion to add to his kingdom?” Yes. 

All I know is at the very least, my mind is in the right direction.

Jesus loved me (and you) so much to have come down from Heaven to die on the cross for our sins thousands of years ago. Personally, I feel that the least I can do is have weekly meetings with Him, talk with Him daily and use my gifts He has given me to help others. To me, that’s really living.

I seriously can’t wait to see all that God has set out for me, so until then, I’m going to continue to live my life for Jesus the best way I know how: by being a lighthouse for others and appreciating and thanking God for what He has blessed me with.

This leads me to today’s thought. Do I want to be the dandelion that doesn’t want the wind or anyone to take me places to eventually wither away and die because I’m fearful or do I want to be the dandelion that lets the wind (or God if you will) takes its seeds anywhere it sees fit to be planted?

I think you know my answer. My answer is scary, but unknown adventures can be exciting too especially when you have God on your side! 

Tell me. Are you living or are you just existing?

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Sidenote, stay tuned for next week’s posts! SO excited to share them with you! Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

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